Volume 7, Issue 10

Bill 99 Sets Stage for Quebec to Use Force?

The Quebec government’s Bill 99 sets the stage for the use of force against the Crees and other First Nations following a vote for sovereignty, Grand Chief Ted Moses told a National Assembly committee last month. Quebec also has no business including First Nations in Bill 99’s “fictitious Quebec people. “Bill 99 ... read more ››

Churches Balk at Paying Up

The Canadian government and church leaders are still squabbling over who should pay compensation to the Native survivors of residential schools. The Feds want the churches that ran the schools to take responsibility and pay some of the money, expected to be in the billions. But the Anglicans and some of the ... read more ››

I was one of the billion or so people who were watching the Academy Awards several nights ago.

I was one of the billion or so people who were watching the Academy Awards several nights ago. I don’t really care which film or actor wins an Oscar. But I do have my favorites and I try to see as many of the nominated films as I can. This ... read more ››

Innu Close to Treaty, But Some Call it a “Joke”

Several Innu communities in Nitassinan are getting ready to sign a landmark treaty with Quebec and Canada, but the treaty isn’t supported by all the Innu people. In the controversial treaty, the Innu would get $340 million for community development and compensation for past hydro-projects, plus $6 million in yearly royalties ... read more ››

Logging Grinds to Halt Across Quebec

Bungling by Quebec and forestry companies has done what years of Cree complaints have yet to accomplish. It has brought logging to a halt – not just in Iyiyuuschii, but all across Quebec. As of April 1, logging in Quebec was illegal because all forest-exploitation permits in the province ceased to ... read more ››

Ruling Boosts Brantford Class Action

A little-noticed British Columbia court decision could boost the chances of Crees who are involved in a class-action lawsuit against a residential school in Brantford, Ontario. The ruling will also probably open the floodgates for other class actions by Native people across the country. The B.C. Court of Appeal recently decided to ... read more ››

Sincerely and with Great Respect

When are we going to realize that we are being continuously screwed? We’ve been screwed for hundreds of years. We are suffering the loss of our lands, our culture, our language and now our pride. We were once a proud nation. Proud of our ancestors, who taught us to survive. Proud ... read more ››

Snow Cruising

A week ago, while on my walk in the wilderness nearby, I was surprised there were no fresh tracks from snowmobiles. To people up the coast the early spring is the best time of the year for snowmobile riding. The days are a little longer in March and early April, and ... read more ››

Somewhere in Cree Territory

February, 2005. It was just before dawn when Rupert Lameboy yanked the start on his snowmobile, and the sound of the awakening engine, half sick goose, half nasty chainsaw ripped through the Northern bush. As the machine warmed up, he stowed his backpack under the seat, and after double-checking everything, rode the ... read more ››