Volume 6, Issue 7

$98.311-MILLI0N MAN

Meet Jack, the man who’s got your money on his mind. Jack Blacksmith has become well-known to Crees as the Grand Council’s point-man on forestry issues. Last summer, his and others’ efforts paid off with the filing of the $700-million-plus Cree lawsuit against Quebec, Ottawa and the forestry industry. On December ... read more ››

7,000-km fundraiser

A LaSarre mechanic is on a marathon journey to raise funds for his local hospital: 7,000 kilometres by snowmobile – equal to one-fifth of the way around the planet. Serge Racette, who was chief of security in the last two Raid des Braves races, started his trip in LaSarre and headed ... read more ››

A First Nation voice

Before I started writing my column, Under the Northern Sky, I didn’t know much about Native publications. After doing a little research, I was amazed to find out that there were so many high-quality First Nations publications. Most of the time my people, up the James Bay coast, get their information ... read more ››


You always hear about musicians paying their dues. You could say Willie Mitchell paid his a long time ago. Willie, the well-known Algonquin musician and song-writer who lives in Mistissini, remembers the time he was shot by the police for stealing two spotlights. He had just started his first band at ... read more ››

Leghold ban: Inuit not pleased

Canada has to do a better job of consulting First Nations on the coming ban on leghold traps, says the Inuit Tapirisat of Canada. The country’s 1,200 Inuit trappers use mostly leghold traps to catch Arctic fox and other animals, said Eric Loring, environmental coordinator for the Inuit Tapirisat. But information about ... read more ››

Miners Flock to Lac Rocher

Choppers are buzzing around overhead at Malcolm Saganash’s trapline after a mining company announced a high-grade nickel, copper and platinum find in the area. After the discovery, Nuinsco Resources saw its share price nearly triple in one day, shooting up from 75 cents to $2.10. Nuinsco is exploring near Lac Rocher, about ... read more ››


In today’s society we take it for granted that Aboriginal children should be fostered out to Aboriginal foster parents. This is a lesson well-taught through the problems that arose when Native kids were adopted by non-Native parents. One only has to look at the report of the Royal Commission on ... read more ››

Nunavut stomps on Aboriginal rights?

History will be made on April 1 when Canada gets its first Native-majority territory, Nunavut. Voters flocked to the polls in record numbers last week to elect MLAs to the new territory’s legislature. The 88-per-cent turnout is nearly double the numbers who voted in NWT elections of the past. “The strong message ... read more ››

One of the first lessons you learn in scuba diving is never, ever hold your breath.

One of the first lessons you learn in scuba diving is never, ever hold your breath. Pretty hard to remember when you jump into 60 feet of water with massive waves and the first sign of life you see is a shark circling 10 feet below you. We are aboard the ... read more ››

Voices of the Elders: The Bear Hunt

As told by Samuel Bearskin I will tell a story of how it was in the past. This story must have taken place around 45 years ago. When someone is determined to do something, he’ll eventually succeed. He shouldn’t turn his back on what he wants to accomplish if he doesn’t ... read more ››