Volume 5, Issue 21

Be it resolved… Resolutions from the 1998 AGA, Chisasibi

Paved roads to Eastmain and Wemindji. A Cree Housing Commission. A Cree Economic Summit. A review of chiefs’ honoraria and ofthe Cree Health Board. And much more. The Cree “G-9” Annual General Assembly held in Chisasibi last month produced resolutionson these issues and oh so many others. Here is the full ... read more ››

Emotions high at meetings with HQ execs

Hydro-Quebec got a lesson to remember about the Cree point of view when its top executives traveled to Eastmain and Nemaska for the first time last month. Hydro chairman André Caillé and other utility officials visited the two communities to give details of their latest proposed hydro-electric project: a dam on ... read more ››

Foster homes needed

Maggie, 5, and her sister, Beatrice, 31/2, are loving children of Cree heritage. They need a family prepared to foster long term with a view to adopting them should this become the plan. Maggie can’t resist playing in a mud puddle. Needing coaxing to come inside, a watchful eye is ... read more ››

Hockey News

“Try outs” for hockey camps are on their way. Some others are yet to come. And hockey season is just about ready to begin! Let’s see how Crees are doing. Brant Blackned (Wemindji): Selected for Colonial Senior League (Thunder Bay, Ont.) Reginald Gilpin (Eastmain): Selected for Junior AAA, Frontières (Coaticook, Qc.) Charly Washipabano ... read more ››

Hydro plan struck down

Hydro-Quebec has suffered what has been called its greatest blow since the Great Whale project was cancelled. In its first major decision, the newly created Quebec Energy Board has torn the heart out of Hydro-Quebec’s strategic plan and rejected the utility’s proposal to keep the costs of its projects hidden from ... read more ››

Mistissini Police Service: Summary of Infractions, Violations and Offenses

Alcohol By-law: 92 Mischief: 86 Assault : 47 Break and enter: 32 Vehicle Accidents: 21 Breach of Peace: 19 Thefts valued at $200 +: 12 Suicide Attempts: 11 Miscellaneous Incidents: 10 Conjugal Assaults: 9 Breach of Conditions: 9 Drug Offences: 7 Impaired Driving: 7 Assistance to SQ: 7 Uttering Threats: 7 Thefts valued at less than $200: 6 Sexual Assaults: 5 Violations of dog By-law: 4 Indecent telephone ... read more ››

Mistissini rocked by massive coke bust

The arrest of Mistissini resident Ricky Petawabano, 35, on drug charges is being described as the largest coke bust ever in the Abitibi region. After a two-year investigation, Mistissini police executed a search warrant at Petawabano’s home on August 7 and seized 100 grams of cocaine, over 100 grams of marijuana ... read more ››

Supreme Court opinion helps our self-determination

This editorial Is reprinted from The Eastern Door weekly of Kahnawake. It was writtenby editor Kenneth Deer. The recent Supreme Court opinion on Quebec separation, while closing some windows to Quebec, left a wide opening to the Indigenous Peoples. The court said Quebec did not have a right to separate under international ... read more ››

Under the northern sky Planes, Trains or Automobiles

The stars shimmer brightly in a cloudless sky, the water laps at the edge of my campsite and I hear the shrill cry of a loon off in the distance. I look across the water and see the lights of the community. It reminds me of home. Often, when I ... read more ››

Violet Pachanos Elected Chief

Chisasibi has a new chief, Violet Pachanos. Pachanos took 309 out of the total 900 votes cast, or about a third, according to reports. We could not get the official results from the band office before press time. In second place was the incumbent chief, Charles Bobbish, with 247 votes, according ... read more ››

Weigh-In J.K. wins in Waswanipi Walleye Weigh-in

The Waswanipi Youth Baseball Team organized a local fishing derby August 24 to 26 as one of their fundraising strategies. Participants were granted three days of fishing within the surrounding areas from local Waswanipi River as far as to the other hunting grounds such as Lac Renaut, Lac LaTreve, Chibougamau ... read more ››

World Wide Webb: Indian Tacos… and The revolution is online… Need proof?…

Indian Tacos… and The revolution is online… Need proof?… Sit down for awhile then grasshopper… Let me tell you a story about the… Dang, I can’t remember. Oh well, I tried, I can’t quite pull it off. However: there are those who pull it off quite beautifully. Let me fill ... read more ››