The Waswanipi Youth Baseball Team organized a local fishing derby August 24 to 26 as one of their fundraising strategies. Participants were granted three days of fishing within the surrounding areas from local Waswanipi River as far as to the other hunting grounds such as Lac Renaut, Lac LaTreve, Chibougamau River and Sturgeon Falls, including the many “secret sports” known only by the local fishermen.

The fishing derby was open to all “with permits” and had a few regulations to make it more exciting, such as fish finders being allowed. Another rule was that walleye was the only fish to be entered and considered.

The prize was 50 per cent of the inscription fees collected. Each person was charged$20 to enter. Twenty-two fishermen registered with $210 to be won. The winner would collect his share after all had paid their inscription and it had to be paid before any fish was weighed.

Jonathan (Girard) Saganash walks in the second day with a 5-lb. walleye that was 18 3/4 inches long, one that was guaranteed to be the winner, but, lo and behold, Jonathan Kitchen, a.k.a. “J.K.,” brings his fish on the last day and it weighs 10 lbs. and is 29 3/4 inches long!! As a matter of fact, many participants brought their fish carrying some substantial weight but not heavy enough to outweigh J.K.’s teaser. What a guy.

Now, wasn’t he the one who was voted as the best fisherman in James Bay Cree Survey? Is this survey accurate and true or is this just mere coincidence? Anyways, welcome to the Twilight Zone of Waswanipi’s mysterious “secret” fishing spots!!

Thank you to all who entered and we hope that you had fun as much as we did. Who willenter our next contest we shall call the “Best Moose Hunter Contest”? Watch out for it!!

-Mr. Cooper is the organizer/manage-ment of the Youth Baseball Team.