Volume 5, Issue 19

An interview with Waswanipi Elder Isaac Dixon

(Transcribing and Translation by Clara Cooper) Where were you born? I was born in the bush. The place is called Kutopiskaau. Whet month were you bom In? I was born April 16. Ware you relied In the bush? This is where my father raised me. And now I stay here on this hunting ground that my ... read more ››

Cree fund may be tapped to help trappers

Cree chiefs are looking at setting up a Trappers’ Assistance Program to help Crees affected by forestry. The program would provide trappers with compensation of up to $560,000 a year, with a maximum of $10,000 for each of the 56 traplines affected by forestry. The money would probably come from the Board ... read more ››

First pro Cree in basketball

The basketball camp at Mistissini saw about 90 youth attending this year. At the end of it every one of the participants went home with a trophy. “We want all the kids to feel like winners,” said Anthony MacLeod, one of the event’s organizers. MacLeod explained that the camp was not ... read more ››

Hockey News

Cree recreation directors have appointed Chisasibi’s Dolores Audet-Washipabano as the newCree Zone Representative to sit on the regional board of “Hockey Abitibi-Témiscamingue ”and to represent all hockey players of the James Bay region. Her mandate is for one year, starting June 11. Dolores writes: Hi everyone! Following my nomination as the Cree Zone ... read more ››

Innu take protest to UN

The Innu have taken their opposition to the Churchill Falls II hydro project to Geneva. In an address to a United Nations working group, Innu lawyer Armand McKenzie called the Hydro-Quebec megaproject a “vast enterprise of colonialism and economic imperialism toward the Innu.” McKenzie is the spokesman for seven Innu communities ... read more ››

Kenny Loon takes the reins in Mistissini

It was an unexpected victory for many when Kenny Loon became Mistissini’s new chief. Loon was working with the Indian Claims Commission when he received the news. These days he is in Mistissini during the week but drives to Ottawa to be with his family during the weekend. He’s not getting ... read more ››

Make our roads safe

There is a concern I have about alcohol. No, this isn’t going to be an editorial advising all drinkers to stop or even to promote the use of the dreaded firewater. It involves another issue entirely. Namely that of drinking and driving. Yes, I agree that alcohol has long been a ... read more ››

Micmacs get ultimatum

Quebec is going to the brink with a group of Micmacs occupying a sawmill in the Gaspé. Native Affairs Minister Guy Chevrette gave the Micmacs an ultimatum to withdraw from the sawmill by noon, Thursday, August 6. He didn’t say what the consequences would be. The group of Micmacs had occupied ... read more ››

Miners swoop down on Lac Rocher

Swooping helicopters and mine-drilling equipment have been disturbing the quiet solitude of Lac Rocher north of Waswanipi. The Lac Rocher area, which is within Category II land, could one day be the location of a copper and nickel mine, if a Toronto mineral-exploration company has its way. Douglas Hume, president of Nuinsco ... read more ››

Nisga’a ink historic treaty

Leaders of the Nisga’a Nation of British Columbia were rejoicing about the signing of the province’s first modern Aboriginal treaty. “Today we make history as we correct the mistakes of the past and send a signal of hope around the world,” said Nisga’a Nation President Joe Gosnell. “We are no longer beggars ... read more ››

Twilight Zone

Leo (July 23-Aug 23) Put your ego on the shelf. The holier than thou “nez en l’air” attitude is going to take you to Splitsville. Nobody cares to hear about your conquests. Try living like a real person for once. Things might get going for you then. Virgo (Aug 24-Sept 22) ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky A new arrival

Tabatha June Kataquapit recently started her journey in Attawapiskat. Tabatha is the newest addition to the Kataquapit family and the daughter of my brother Mario and his wife Margaret. The news about the arrival of this baby girl got me to thinking about how important children are in our culture. I ... read more ››

When you’re hot you’re hot

It took a few moments for the news to sink in when Clifford Coonishish-Coon won $130,224.90 playing Lotto 6/49. On a recent trip to St. Félicien, Clifford took a chance and bought his first-ever Lotto 6/49 ticket. The rest is James Bay gambling history. Clifford’s lucky streak wasn’t over yet. A couple of ... read more ››

Women Rule

Matthew Wapachee said he was proud of his daughter Louise when she was elected the newchief of Ouje-Bougoumou. Louise Wapachee is walking a new path in Cree leadership roles.She is only the second woman to be elected as a chief since Indian Affairs imposed theBand Council system on the Eastern ... read more ››

World Wide Webb: Howdlyhoo neighbourinos

Howdlyhoo neighbourinos, hey, just have enough space for a short hello…Send me your emails, letters, ‘ or money. If you don’t send money at least let meknow what you want to read about in here. So far people want Chat and Games stories…Send me more. Also send in your sighting ... read more ››