Volume 5, Issue 18

“Unmask the dirty secrets of the ZONE”

Leo (July 23-Aug 23) Irresistible, charming and intense. They are open to all signals and wishes. Pleasure giving is extremely important for Leo’s. Biggest downfall Is their unpredictable and incomprehensible jealousy. A new position will surely give them multiple orgasms. Virgo (Aug 24-Sept 22) On one hand, they want to be the ... read more ››

Atikamekw set to deal on Mégiscane

Atikamekw Band Councilor Roger Chachai says his community is currently in discussion with Hydro-Quebec over the proposed Mégiscane River diversion. Chachai said the Atikamekw, like the Algonquins, are participating in the impact studies, but his community doesn’t yet have a position on the project. Chachai said they are studying all the ... read more ››

August in Indian history August 1-15

August 1st 1615: Champlain enters Georgian Bay. August 2nd 1780: At the start of American Revolutionary War hostilities, Mohawks evacuated their village of Canajoharie, in New York. White settlers moved into the village. Today, Joseph Brant, and Mohawk warriors attack the settlers. Fourteen settlers are killed and 60 taken prisoner. August 3rd 1492: Columbus sails ... read more ››

Canada urged to take action on toxic pollutants

Greenpeace has slammed Canada for its lack of action on eliminating the world’s 12 most dangerous toxic pollutants. “Here we go again,” said a Greenpeace spokeswoman. “Strong words for the television cameras, but behind the scenes an extremely weak position that risks the health of future generations.” The 12 chemicals have entered ... read more ››

Community “on the brink of chaos,” writes resident

CREE NATION OF MISTISSINI: CREE COMMUNITY ON THE BRINK OF CHAOS On the eve of the Cree Nation of Mistissini’s elections for Chief and Council, I find it strange that more has not been said or brought out by the candidates on an issue that is impacting and will impact the ... read more ››

Fant-Asia: can you spell A-K-S-H-U-N?

Montreal may be the City of Festivals, but the only one worth seeing in my book is Fant-Asia. For the third year, Fant-Asia offers the action-movie buff a buffet of disturbing and mind-blowing delights you must not miss if you are in Montreal. We’ve got Kung Fu classics like Prodigal Son Pulls ... read more ››

Fundraiser features fabulous cook

The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal is raising funds for a scholarship fund forurban Aboriginal students, its first event is a pasta dinner on Thursday, July 30,at 6 p.m. Cost: $10/plate. “The dinner will be made by a fabulous cook with lots of experience (my ma),” writes one of the organizers ... read more ››

Indians with A-bombs

The Road To Omaha By Robert Ludlum Random House of Canada, Toronto, 1992 Robert Ludlum is without a doubt one of those types of writers who take great joy in creating the most convoluted plot lines you’ve ever read. Keeping track of who’s who and exactly what they are doing is no task ... read more ››

Lawsuit could hurt sawmill: Peter Hull

Waswanipi’s Nabakatuk sawmill will temporarily lay off its 15-employee night shift starting August 3 in an effort to cut mounting financial losses. And sawmill president Peter Gull says the employees’ return to work may be delayed because of the Cree forestry lawsuit filed at Quebec Superior Court July 15. The bad news ... read more ››

Mistissini prom night

The first Prom Night ever held in Mistissini was celebrated with excitement and eagerness by all who attended on the evening of June 12. The Secondary V students of Mistissini Voyageur Memorial High School and all their invited guests arrived handsomely and beautifully in their classy evening wear to best suit ... read more ››

Rez Notes

A scene from residential school, Moose Factory (absolutely not related to the following story). The year was 1979, the final winter on the island of Fort George. The new community, Chisasibi, was quietly being built several miles inland. The move that following summer was the furthest from our young unthinking minds. The ... read more ››

Senneterre: one Elder remembers

Senneterre Cree Elder Annie Moore tells of the old days before Senneterre wasbuilt In this story for the town’s 75th anniversary celebration. Thank you toMbecca Moore of Senneterre for providing us with a copy of the story.(Translated from French.) Rapide-des Cèdres is one of the sites where the Indians passed on ... read more ››

There is unrest in the forest

From sandal-wearing Germans tying themselves to B.C. redwoods, to Micmacs tossing loggers off their land, something is happening in Canada’s forests. But those disputes may pale beside the Cree lawsuit just launched against 26 forestry companies, Quebec and the Feds. Is the Cree Nation heading into another Great Whale-type confrontation? The ... read more ››

Trapline turned into a desert: tallyman

Mario Lord couldn’t hide the pain in his voice as he talked about the six forestry companies that have turned his trapline into a desert. “It’s impossible to show my son what I was shown,” the Cree tallyman said. “The water is polluted. I have to buy it in a store. I ... read more ››

Tribal Justice and Political Accountability

Every now and then you come across something that makes you laugh and think at the same time. If we were from the western Prairie peoples we would probably call this a lesson from Coyote. Just what am I am going on about? It’s about political accountability by political leaders ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky A city view

I am sitting on a boat at Toronto Island looking at one of the most impressive skylines in the world. It is a long cry from my home in Attawapiskat, virtually in the middle of the wilderness. As a child living in a remote northern community, I learned about the ... read more ››

What’s new at Nation

Billie jo Ratt up on a small reserve know (yes, that’s her real name) grew up on a small reserve known as Barrière Lake(Rapid Lake). She worked for the Federal Government while attending college.After graduating, she returned to the reserve and published a community newsletter.The Nation was lucky to get her because ... read more ››