Volume 2, Issue 20

Back on the merry-go-round again

Early in 1964 Cherokee scholar-activist Robert K. Thomas warned, “As I look around at the Indian situation it looks like one big seething cauldron about ready to explode.” Though we say we look at history, we never really seem to learn. Between 1964 and ’74, there was a series of demonstrations, ... read more ››

Cree concerns aired at Chiefs’ meeting

At a recent Chiefs’ meeting in Montreal on September 7, the first topic of interest was the question of sovereignty. A report was submitted by the Eeyou Astchee Commission on its findings to date. Philip Awashish said people are concerned about sovereignty in the Cree Territory. They feel things are getting ... read more ››

Discovery: the Beeah Tribe

Recently anthropologists, who are dedicated to keeping the Indian alive if for no other reason than they can make money studying them, discovered a new tribe. This newly discovered group is known as the Beeah Tribe (pronounced BIA Tribe). A new book, A Man Called Horse Shit, by Dr. He-Sells-Out, beloved ... read more ››

Genesis Innu-style

René Ranville was excited when he first heard Ussinniun, an Innu band whose name means Genesis. “When I heard them singing, I said to myself and to Germain, These are the ones!”’ Ranville and his partner Germain Paul had found the first band for their new production company, Musique Premières Nations. They ... read more ››

Joe Norton slapped, ministers shoved in Kahnawake

Calling a recent policing agreement a violation of Mohawk sovereignty, more than 100 Mohawks jostled federal and provincial cabinet ministers and vandalized their limousines in Kahnawake on Sept. 12. The protesters gathered in front of the Band Council office and shouted angrily at Grand Chief Joe Norton after he signed. Some kicked ... read more ››

Kevin Gilpin missing since July but police hopeful

Police aren’t giving up hope that Kevin Gilpin is alive. The Chisasibi teenager went missing July 30 after he went to Radisson to celebrate his birthday with friends. After a night of partying, he was separated from his companions. Kevin, 19, was last seen the next day at noon at Radisson’s community centre ... read more ››

Killed protester shot twice in back?

Ontario Provincial Police wanted blood at Ipperwash. So say Natives monitoring the standoff in which police shot two protesters on Wednesday, Sept. 6, killing one. After looking on for a month as members of the Kettle and Stony Point First Nation occupied disputed land in southern Ontario, police decided to muscle ... read more ››

Mercredi blamed for death

Ovide Mercredi is responsible for the death of a Chippewa man killed by police, according to an angry group of Native protesters who vandalized the Assembly of First Nations office in Ottawa. “We can’t blame (Ontario Premier Mike) Harris or (Indian Affairs Minister Ron) Irwin,” said Shawn Brant, a Mohawk who ... read more ››

Off the office wall

Then Taken From a 1950s Home EC Textbook: 1. Get your work done. Plan your tasks with an eye on the clock. Finish or interrupt them an hour before he is expected. Your anguished cry, “Are you home already?” is not exactly a warm welcome. 2. Have dinner ready. Plan ... read more ››

Separation deemed illegal

The referendum campaign got off to a bumpy start for the separatists, who have been battered by disappointing poll results and a judge ruling that the PQ’s bid to secede is unconstitutional. In a poll done Sept. 8-12 for La Presse and Radio-Quebec, 54 per cent of Quebecers said they would ... read more ››

Some Quebec water facts

The La Grande complex reportedly has 35,000 linear kilometres of shoreline. Hydro-Quebec isn’t fooling around about the hydro part. Apparently if all the people in Quebec owned the reservoir September 22, 1995 Action at the 2nd Annual Demolition Derby In Inuvik: A plucky little yellow car showed the wagons that ... read more ››

The Waskaganish Canoe Brigade

Centuries before the Hudson’s Bay Company built its first post on the Rupert River, Indians in their birch-bark canoes were traveling on the turbulent waters. Descendants of those Indians now man the company canoe brigades to bring fur out from the inland posts.” —from The Rupert River Brigade by J. ... read more ››

Tuk Rocks…Exclusive Interview with Jason Newsted of Metallica

The Nation (William Nicholls, Alex Roslin, Rhonda Sherwood): Metallica hasn’t come out with an album in a couple of years. Are you working on one? Jason Newsted: It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? We’ve been working for a long time on one. Since October of last year, the ... read more ››


“At the ends of the earth, it is cold…” Quote from Canada’s North by R.A.J. Phillips 1967. It was the trip of a lifetime, Only once would this happen and The Nation at 11 p.m. Wednesday night decided that we (Alex and Will) would be heading for the Molson Polar Beach ... read more ››