Volume 2, Issue 17

A Story of My Youth

“My dear young one,” he said, “I’m going to tell you a story of my youth. Listen carefully and I’ll tell you about the many hardships we had to go through… I remember my grandfather. He was a wise and great hunter. He was also a proud and kind man, ... read more ››

Achievement awards in Mtl

The National Aboriginal Achievement Awards swung through Montreal in July. Receptions were held across the country last month to launch the nomination process for next year’s awards, which are being held in Winnipeg on April 10. The awards recognize outstanding achievement in 14 categories: lifetime achievement, youth, arts, business, education, law, ... read more ››


Dedicated to the memory of Bill Edmunds. Before the snowhouse we stood, you cradling me in your arms, sharing with me memories of a different time a time of hardship, of loss, and of struggles, of warmth, laughter and brotherhood. A bitter bone-chilling wind shrieked furiously around us. I cried out with Fear, yet you ... read more ››

Army run off Native Land

Camp Ipperwash has finally been returned to Native hands after being expropriated by the federal government 53 years ago. Several dozen members of the Kettle and Stony Point band had set up camps on the land, which was being used by the army for small-arms practice. In late July, a band member ... read more ››

Australia goes Native

An Aboriginal woman is probably going to be Australia’s next and last head of state. Lois O’Donoghue, chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, is the candidate favoured for the job of governor-general. Prime Minister Paul Keating is due to reveal within weeks who will succeed the present governor-general, ... read more ››

Chief has accident

Chief John Kitchen of Waswanipi was taken into police custody the morning of July 21 after a van he was driving went off the highway near the Band Council office and local grocery store. Kitchen was taken by Waswanipi police to Chibougamau for a breathalyzer. Sources said he registered over the ... read more ››

Cree campaign bogus, claims forest exec

The owner of one of the largest logging companies in James Bay says Cree complaints about clearcutting don’t worry him and are probably just a ploy to get more money. “Let them come,” said Yves Barrette, owner of Barrette-Chapais Ltée, when told that Crees have launched a campaign to change forestry ... read more ››

Cree Eeyou Astchee Commission

Objective and Process The election in the Province of Quebec of a government whose fundamental goal is the separation of Quebec from Canada raises serious issues regarding the status and rights of the James Bay Crees -Eeyou. The Cree Eeyou Astchee Commission is mandated to provide the Cree people and ... read more ››

Memories of the Cree fur brigade

ON JULY 18 two Waswanipi youth set out to follow the path of their ancestors. They planned to follow the canoe route used for many generations of Waswanipi Crees. Their guide was David Diamondan experienced trapper and the father of one of the boys. The group set out in two ... read more ››

Mohawk pot plowed

Kanehsatake’s lush fields of dope are no more. After several days of controversy about the marijuana last month, Mohawk police and the Sûreté du Québec moved in on the weed and plowed it under. The plants were apparently being grown by Kanehsatake residents for sale to the Hell’s Angels in St-Hyacinthe. Police ... read more ››

Native Tradition and Christianity

During my time growing up on the Moose Factory First Nation reserve, I was constantly aware and reminded during most weekends of the social problems that seemed to fester and flourish in my family, as well as others on the reserve. The major factor that contributed to family and community ... read more ››

Native youth converge on Waswanipi

Waswanipi is hosting the first-ever gathering of First Nations youth from across Quebec Aug. 15 to 17. The gathering is expected to draw 300 youth from across the province. They will be joined by Elders and speakers from across Canada. The speakers will include filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin, athlete Waneek Hornmiller, Elders Robbie ... read more ››

No charges in abuse cases

Horrendous stories of sexual and physical abuse have been uncovered at the Sir Joseph Bernier residential school in Chesterfield Inlet, but the RCMP says no charges will be laid. The NWT government and RCMP launched separate investigations of the abuse. Police looked into 150 allegations of physical abuse and 86 complaints ... read more ››

U.S. goose hunt banned for 1995

Canada and the States are moving to ban sport hunting of geese in the Atlantic Flyway. The U.S. has gone ahead with the ban for this year’s season. It wasn’t known at press time whether Canada had already done so. The ban was discussed at the recent Canada Goose Meeting, which ... read more ››