Volume 1, Issue 1

Annual General Assembly 1993

Matthew Coon-Come called it the best general assembly he was ever at. New issues were discussed and emotions ran strong at this year’s General Assembly of the Grand Council of the Crees and the Cree Regional Authority (CRA). The assembly, held in Waskaganish, was organized under the theme “The Children, ... read more ››

Anti-Great Whale Campaign Continues in Europe

The European campaign against the Great Whale project is continuing. Antoni Gutierrez, a Spanish member of the European Parlaiment, will present a motion opposing the Euro-Quebec Hydro-Hydrogen Project in upcoming weeks. Set up in collaboration with European companies, the project envisions the sale by Hydro-Quebec of power to Europe for use ... read more ››


Cree Construction blames campaigns against more development in the territory for low Cree employment and the company’s bottom line in this year’s annual CreeCo. report. “Cree opposition to new projects has had major impacts on Cree jobs and the results of the company,” says the report. Grand Chief Matthew Coon-Come responded ... read more ››

Davis Inlet Innu Refuse to Register

The Innu of Davis Inlet in Labrador have refused to register as Indians under the Indian Act in order to get benefits from federal programs. They see registration as repugnant. “The Indian Act is an outdated, colonialist act that treats aboriginal people as children,” Innu leader Peter Penashue said in a letter ... read more ››

Good Neighbours

In the United States, the good neighbour policy is alive and well. At least in working-class Worchester, Massachussetts. People had mowed Adele Gaboury’s lawn, collected her mail, had her water pipes fixed and generally tried to make life comfortable for this 77 year old lady. Then they discovered that she ... read more ››

Hear the Elders

“My people will sleep for one hundred years and when they awake it will be the artists who give them back their spirit. ” – Louts Riel Today marks a special time for all aboriginal people. It’s a time of recognition of our inherent rights to life and freedom, as well as ... read more ››

Indian Affairs Minister a Disappointment

The appointment of a non-aboriginal person, Ron Irwin, as the new Federal Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development was a “disappointment,” Ovide Mercredi, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, said. “The government had an opportunity, a chance to do something different.” Ethel Blondin-Andrews, a long-time Liberal MP and ... read more ››

Left-winger from Wemindji scores BIG

Brant Blackned’s face lights up when he remembers playing hockey in the annual Val d’Or tournament. “Those were fun times/’ he smiles. “There was no pressure.” Things have changed. Blackned is still having fun, but six days a week he puts himself through a torturous three-hour workout in the hockey ... read more ››

Mohawks Tense as Quebec Contemplates Raid

Tensions are flaring in Kahnawake and Kanehsatake as prominent Liberal MNAs and the Parti Quebecois opposition stepped up calls for police raids on the Mohawk communities. Liberal deputies spent a full hour at a meeting on November 10 debating whether the government should order a crackdown on the illegal cigarette ... read more ››

New Cree Record Label

A Cree from Wemindji, Gloria Hughboy, has started her own record label called Hughboy Records to record and distribute Cree musical talents. Recording sessions are already booked until the end of March. It shows that Crees are into performing rock, heavy metal, country, gospel and of course fiddle music. A ... read more ››

PQ Blasts Cree Construction

The Parti Québécois is demanding a special audit of a $73-million contract awarded by Cree Construction to the construction company Beaver Asphalt to build the 116-km Route du Nord connecting Chibougamau to Nemaska. Beaver Asphalte is owned by the family of Tommy D’Errico, former treasurer of the Quebec Liberal Party. The ... read more ››

Sirros says Great Whale is on the Table

He came, he saw, and he left everyone scratching their heads. What was Christos Sirros up to on November 2 when he addressed the Grand Council of the Crees at its Annual General Assembly? Sirros flew all the way up to Waskaganish to deliver a vague speech filled with nice ideas ... read more ››


Grand Chief Matthew Coon-Come took time out of his busy schedule in late November for a wide-ranging two-hour interview with Nation editor William Nicholls about the state of the Cree nation. Coon-Come spoke about his personal motivations for getting involved in politics, about the need for reorganizing Cree economic entities, ... read more ››