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Love is all you need

We were scrambling over the rocky shoreline at Pemaquid Point, Maine; five buddies from Canada and their American host, also an old friend. The water glittered like thousands of diamonds as the shorebirds wheeled and dived and called out above our heads. We could see the heads of seals bobbing ... read more ››

Hot Water Is Still A Luxury To Me

I was in a position this past week where I did not have access to hot running water for a few days. The first day was manageable as I was able to avoid any activity that required hot running water. I had a cold wash up in the morning, I ... read more ››

The best of the best

From classical form to contemporary poses, Les Grand Ballets Canadiens is about to launch a new season that will celebrate everything fabulous about the ballet and beyond. Though Les Grand Ballets was formed in 1957, this year they are celebrating a decade of working with their cherished Artistic Director, Macedonian-born Gradimir ... read more ››

Sending the wrong message

n mid-September many rural Manitoba Aboriginal communities were shocked and horrified when they opened their packages of supplies to combat the H1N1 virus sent to them by the federal government. The packages had hand sanitizers, masks, gloves and a series of body bags that contained full post-mortem kits that included a ... read more ››

Hey, is that me on the screen?

The portrayal of Indians on the silver screen has always intrigued Neil Diamond. That’s because he is a filmmaker and a Cree. And that is why he decided to make a feature-length documentary on the way Hollywood has depicted North American Natives over the last 120 years. On September 15, Reel ... read more ››

The final farewell

He may be gone but that does not mean that everyone has finished saying their goodbyes. Albert Diamond spent a lot of time in Val-d’Or throughout his life for business, pleasure and benevolence purposes and on Wednesday, September 23, the folks of Quebec’s “sin city” came out in droves to remember ... read more ››

Flu or cold?

My head rocked with lightning bolts and my brain felt like it was loose inside a walnut shell. Every sound I made was amplified and laughing hurt like the cranium crazies. What was wrong, I wondered, and headed home in a daze and passed out after downing several Tylenols. Was this ... read more ››

From the colonized

Then: “Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body politic and there is no Indian question.” – Duncan Campbell Scott, Head of the Department of Indian Affairs in the 1920s. Now: “We also have no history of colonialism.” – ... read more ››