Category: 2006-09-15

Out of the park, in the ground

Dudley George is a name we should never forget. After a lengthy 25-month inquiry and testimony from 139 witnesses, the inquiry into Dudley George’s death is bringing his family that much closer to closure in the 1996 shooting death of the Aboriginal protestor. But is it enough? Members of the Kettle and ... read more ››

All agog at the AGA

While listening to earnest debates on whether or not we are Eeyou or Eenou at the Annual General Assemblies over the past three decades, I have often wondered whether or not we would ever settle on anything. Sure, we compromise often, but when do we really get to see something ... read more ››

Six Anglican Deacons Ordained in Chisasibi

The Anglican faith in Chisasibi gained a much-needed shot in the arm recently as six new Cree deacons were ordained in an elaborate ceremony. Annie Herodier, lay readers Clifford Bearskin, Abraham Cox, Stephan Pepabano and Samuel Bearskin, as well as the Rector’s Warden, Eliza Webb, were ordained deacons on August 30 ... read more ››

A Cree Pathway to southern schools

Cree students looking to attend CEGEP down south are in for a pleasant surprise: a new pilot program called Cree Pathways will help them integrate into their new surroundings more smoothly than ever before. “My job is to assist the students with their tutoring and homework and to ease the transition ... read more ››

Waswanipi bank thieves sentenced

For a while at least, crime paid well for Emily Happyjack-Gull and Josephine Happyjack-Gull. But the two convicted bank thieves will have a stretch of time in prison to consider whether it was all worth it. They were sentenced August 22 in Waswanipi court to eight months in jail. The two women, ... read more ››

Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee) / Cree Regional Authority Annual General Assembly

AGA 2006 Ouje-Bougoumou played host to this year’s Grand Council of the Crees and Cree Regional Authority’s Annual General Assembly. Elijah Harper was a keynote speaker and talked about how he had to study legislative procedures and rules in his battles out west when he refused to accept the Meech Lake Accord. ... read more ››

Getting Ready For Winter

Now that winter is on the way people are starting to think about what to do when the cold weather arrives. Anyone who has spent time in the north knows that winters can be very hard if you are not prepared. We are like the animals in the forest: as ... read more ››