Category: 2006-03-03

Looking for a Cree Sheila Fraser

Weren’t those quite the heady days? Cast your mind back to when a former Grand Chief and his team of experts were selling the Paix des braves deal. Grandiose promises were made left and right, tossed out like coins before a beggar. They were snatched up as they caught the ... read more ››

Hair raisers

The roar of the winds escalated until the chairman yelled to us that he was afraid we were in hair-raising times, and the high-ceilinged boardroom at the CRA Office in Montreal offered no reprieve from the howling sounds of air escaping at high velocities from the nooks and crannies of ... read more ››

For better or worse: Waswanipi can’t divorce Domtar, Quebec Supreme Court rules

The wording of a recent Quebec Superior Court ruling on a Waswanipi sawmill’s attempt to break with Montreal-based Domtar was simple and direct: no way. The 12-page ruling, handed down February 16, states that the shareholders’ agreement between Waswanipi’s Mishtuk Corporation and Domtar has no expiration date and must be respected ... read more ››

Waswanipi dominates Chapais hockey tourney

If they had entered a midget team, it might have been a clean sweep. Four Waswanipi teams in the Novice, Atom, Pee Wee and Bantam categories absolutely dominated the competition at the 10th annual Chapais Minor Hockey Invitational Tournament, held January 25-29. “The feeling was good,” said the Novice Waswanipi Little Chiefs ... read more ››

In Memory of

Matthew Coon Come Sr. passed away on February 15 at the age of 114 (or more) years old. He was born in the 1890s and was the oldest Cree Elder. When he was a little over the youthful age of 100 Coon Come was given a pair of moccasins whereupon ... read more ››

Highway Robbery of Laughs and Love

I gradually became aware of Tomson Highway’s imminent arrival in Montreal from a joker whose picture graced the cover of one of the city’s alternative newsweeklies. I say joker, because Tomson Highway doesn’t often let an opportunity to get a laugh pass him by. For instance, when I looked at ... read more ››

Mistissini’s day centre open for business, others to follow

Mistissini patients will no longer have to go south for non-critical treatment thanks to the recently opened Multi-Services Day Centre. And the other communities aren’t far behind, according to the Cree Health Board. “It went pretty well, it was very good,” said Johnny Loon, the Activity Team Leader, about the mid-February ... read more ››

Google like an eagle

I am flying high above the trees, looking down on the white-washed pebble beach of the southern coast of Akamiski Island. I can see every indention of the coast, the thin ribbon of beach, the green forests, swamps, the dark blue oblong lakes and the thin lines of rivers and ... read more ››