Category: 2006-01-20

New government, old prejudice?

There are dark clouds on the immediate horizon for Canada’s First Nations with the increasingly likely election of a Conservative federal government under the leadership of Stephen Harper. Of all the parties in Parliament, the Conservatives have by far the most regressive, even repressive, approach to Natives. Harper’s top policy advisor is ... read more ››

Tradtekno TM

In the old days, nothing was ever paid for, except with sweat. No effort, no gain, no life. It was that simple. If you didn’t make those snowshoes, you’d sure be a lot skinnier come springtime. If you didn’t cut wood, you’d have to change your name to baskins or ... read more ››

Wemindji, Chisasibi lead way in fight against diabetes

If the hard work of Northern Stores employees in Eeyou Istchee is any indication, diabetes might be a thing of the past thanks to ambitious fundraising to fight the disease. The chain’s workers are once again fundraising by selling paper snowmen, with the proceeds going towards research and treatment. This year, Wemindji ... read more ››

Old equipment silences Cree Radio

The Cree Radio Network is down due to technical problems with the uplink equipment. The equipment is obsolete and no replacement parts are available because they are no longer manufactured. The James Bay Cree Communications Society was hoping a new fibre-optic network or support high-speed Internet would be available already, as ... read more ››

Two Kashechewan inmates die in jail fire

The people of Kashechewan were hit with another tragic setback recently as the local jail caught fire and took the lives of two prisoners. The incident on Sunday, January 8, also left an officer seriously burned when he tried to free the men by unlocking their cell doors. Another officer and ... read more ››

Icy roads in the North

Driving a vehicle is a luxury I have enjoyed for many years. I learned how to drive on my dad’s old John Deere tractor when I was 13. It was great fun and once I learned how to operate a tractor, it was only a matter of time before I ... read more ››