ARTICLES BY John Petagumskum

The Late Crow-Skin Rapids

Told by John Petagumskum I will tell one of the stories I heard from my grandfather. This story took place long ago. North of Whapmagoostui is the river called Naashtipikuu Siipii. It is one of the large rivers that flew up north. This was where the people gathered long ago. Many people ... read more ››

Voices of the Elders: Achaanwaapush

As told by John Petagumskum I don’t know what the other communities call it, but here in Whapmagoostui we call this legend Achaanwaapush (“Cannibal Rabbit”). He was a cannibalistic creature. He was a person with the features of a rabbit and he habitually slaughtered people. There was a family of Lynx people ... read more ››