$88,000 donated to Liberals by execs of companies in impact study: Liberal-linked firms did Hydro’s Great Whale impact report

Hydro-Quebec’s environmental impact report on the proposed Great Whale River Project was created largely by companies headed by Liberal Party donors, The Nation has learned. Of the 34 companies that conducted studies for the report, 15 are run by Liberal donors, or nearly one-half. In total, these donors gave $88,695 to ... read more ››

Who gave what and when

THE SNC-LAVALIN GROUP figures prominently in Hydro’s 5,000-page Great Whale impact report. The SNC-Lavalin Group is Canada’s largest engineering firm, and four of its subsidiaries did a total of 26 studies for the report. Among them is the company Lalonde Girouard Letendre, whose president, Claude Comtois, gave $13,800 to the Liberals. ... read more ››