ARTICLES BY Charles Esau

Cree Traditional Health Practices & Wellness

Watchia! I have been on board since May 13th, 2002 on a program formed as “Wellness and Traditional Cree Health Practices” on our regional health board. Some of you may or may not know that I have been involved in social service counseling, workshop facilitation and training on issues related ... read more ››

Thoughts of violence

Violence is all around us. But where did we learn violent behaviour? And how do we overcome it. Violence is an issue that is having negative effects on us as a community in Waskaganish, with innocent children. The statement I wish to make is that the negative effect this has ... read more ››

GAMBLING – Take it, shake it

Gambling fever has become a plague across Indian land. For some communities gambling on reservations has become a profitable economic venture. Gambling establishments such as casinos and bingo halls are becoming as visible as huge food chain stores. Gambling’s seemingly innocent nature attracts the unaware gambler to its mystery. This insidious ... read more ››

The Sweat Lodge: The Experience

It is not my wish to influence anyone’s beliefs but only to share my experience and some knowledge of the sweat lodge. My own experience is about myself and research from libraries. The reader may feel an energy that will enhance his or her thoughts and feelings. Your spirit will ... read more ››

In Recovery

This article appeared in the first issue of “Miyupimaatisuu Dipajamoon, ” a newsletter of the Waskaganish Wellness Society. Watchia! This is a historical moment. For the record, we are attempting different ways of reaching out to the community, so on behalf of the Waskaganish Wellness Society, we extend our greetings to ... read more ››