ARTICLES BY Brian Zelnicker

Odjick Joins the Sinking Ship

It was quite a week for professional sports. Mario Lemieux, part owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, announced his retirement from retirement. The legendary superstar will once again don the familiar number 66 and attempt to lead his employees, I mean teammates, to the Stanley Cup. A chap by the name ... read more ››

Ancient Arctic Culture Comes to Life at the McCord

On a cold gray Montreal afternoon, there seem to be quite a few of those now, I was lucky enough to be dispatched by a certain editor to cover the latest show at the McCord Museum. Lost Visions, Forgotten Dreams – Life and Art of an Ancient Arctic People is ... read more ››

Review: Cree Spoken Here

On a cold and wet November night, when the television offered little more than the Montreal Canadiens blowing another hockey game, a mysterious man from Waskaganish dropped a video tape off at my door and scurried away into the darkness. The tape had a white label with the words Cree ... read more ››

Interview with the President

While the world might be holding it’s collective breath (as I write this) to find out who the next leader of the United States might be, this kind of indecision does not plague the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO). We at the Nation know who the ... read more ››

Canada: A People’s History?

If you weren’t watching the World Series last Sunday night (sorry for you Mets fans), or the latest incarnation of James Bond making the world safe from international terrorism, you might have tuned into the CBC’s mega-project for the new millennium, also known as “Canada: A People’s History.” The pre-release ... read more ››