August 22 was an important day for the Inuit people living in the surrounding areas of the Baffin Island. Canada’s Environment Minister John Baird and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. Acting President, James Eetoolook, announced that three new National Wildlife Areas will be built on and around Baffin Island.

The Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement for National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in the Nunavut Settlement Area, was negotiated between the Government of Canada and different Inuit company’s and organizations. Under this agreement, the Government of Canada has promised $8.3 million.

“This is a real demonstration of our commitment to protect our species and their incredible habitat in the North,” said Minister Baird.

Another positive aspect of this is the economic opportunities this will provide for the local people. It will enable residents to develop environmentally sustainable tourism businesses and create jobs.

The federal Government is firmly committed to the protection, improvement and conservation of our country’s natural legacy.