In a move to bring some form of peace enforcement program, several Mohawk police officers have joined with the Chisasibi police to “clean up the town.” Some people have embraced this bold move, but many others feel intimidated with the “Rambo” tactics of the imported security measures. I think that having a gun pointed to your head by an enforcer of the peace while tooling around the town with your family is just a bit too much and seems to be without reason. Perhaps we Cree are feared to be a bit too loose with gun-control measures and are considered to be a menace to society from an outside perspective. Albeit, the measures to cut down on access to uncontrolled excessive amounts of alcohol made easily available even to those under the legal age have my support. However, no kudos to the methods of enforcement. I still say that educated drinkers are better than drunks in jail, tying up the justice system with countless alcohol-related charges.

Perhaps the use of force will lead to drastic acts from the guilty such as reforming, but who knows? One day there may be world peace.

I went on the Internet and did some reading about the existence of god and found an interesting theory that said god was created to explain the evolution of conscious thought in man. Apparently, long ago when man was deemed to be simple, we acted in reaction to the environment and the mind was split in two separate functioning halves, with one half experiencing a “mirror” or “echo” effect of receiving information and having automatic reactions to the environment stored away in the other half. At some points, these preserved memories came back in the form of “voices” and could only be explained by the presence of an exterior source,

thus creating the need for god or great deity instead of evolution’s bicameral mind theory. Interestingly enough, it seems to make sense.

On another note, a hunger strike was planned in Nemaska to demonstrate against the famed AIP – by my brother, no less. Good luck Rog! See you in fifty pounds or so. Oops, guess it was only a fast. I guess a referendum is out of the question and besides, who has the time? The ptarmigan are making a great comeback after many scarce years and the caribou haven’t really felt the effects of the great white hunters yet. But I say take advantage of the glut of proteins. Meanwhile, winter has come back with a vengeance after a speculative start of mild temperatures, it seems to be a unusually late freeze-up and cautions are red flagged to high speed snowmobilers around lakes and rivers. The bay’s natural salt water tendency to freeze later is much more noticeable and have left people wondering what the spring will be like; will it be early again this year? Anyways, I enjoyed the milder weather and wouldn’t mind if it didn’t go below minus 30 this winter.

Talking about snowmobiling, I have a beef with Bombardier who have yet to design the ultimate hard working snowmachine. Do they think that the entire North has groomed snow trails? We live in tough and rough terrain and aluminum and plastic parts just can’t cut it up here. I’ve had it with the cheaply made products that are designed with weekend use and a few hours per day. Perhaps the CTA could come with a wish list and send it to bombardier engineers to design the ultimate sled. With the winter Olympics on the horizon and ready to broadcast from Salt Lake City, the mood of sports fans everywhere is that they will drive to get there instead of fly. We could push for the inclusion of Aboriginal sports such as snowshowing,woodsplitting and teaboiling!