Nakuset, executive director of the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal (NWSM), is thrilled to announce that their March 20 fundraiser at Montreal’s Nouveau Palais went off without a hitch and brought in between $11,000 and $13,000.

The evening featured a dinner comprised of Aboriginal traditional cuisine from Quebec’s various First Nations as well as an auction of donated items from different sources.

According to Nakuset, she will soon have a final tally of what the NWSM will actually be taking home from the event as they have yet to ascertain the final cost of food and other miscellaneous items, such as thank you gifts for the volunteers.

“We only expected to make about $5000. The ticket sales alone brought in about $5000 and then we received another $3000 from the Joe Norton Sahanatie Foundation,” said Nakusset.

This does not even account for the auction. According to Nakuset among the donated items were a soapstone carving, various types of traditional mittens, a cradle board and paintings. The NWSM managed to auction 21 out of 26 items and the rest will be sold off at upcoming powwows.

The other problem behind the final tally is indeed a happy one – funds still haven’t stopped trickling in.

“It was just overwhelming and people are really hearing our message. We still have money trickling in because the story was picked up by so many newspapers and we are still being contacted by people who want to help. One dentist from the Mohawk community even sent us $300,” said Nakuset.

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