Children are the most precious gift you can give your community. They signal the continuation of family traditions and their people’s culture. Every new child is worth being written about and it’s always a pleasure to introduce new additions to Eeyou Istchee.

The latest bundles of joy to join the communities, respectively, of Oujé-Bougamou and Mistissini are Jazmen Kaydence Hannah Shecapio Blacksmith and Payton Peggy Hope Linton.

Jazmen was born weighing eight pounds at 12:25 pm on January 1 to proud parents Alice Mattawashish and Jeremiah Shecapio Blacksmith. The mother is doing fine as is baby Jazmen. She has plenty of role models to follow with her three sisters Danielle, Alyssa and Aryelle.

Payton was born weighing nine pounds at 8:51 am on January 2 and is the first child of Jonathan Linton and Heather Lily Anne Hughboy. The mother has been doing well since the birth and both her and Payton are healthy.