The Montreal Native Community Development Centre has opened its doors to the public to offer a wide array of services and activities to the Native residents of Montreal.

Located at 2306 Sherbrooke St. East, the centre will serve as a cultural hub for people of First Nations, Inuit and Métis ancestry providing holistic and cultural services to the community. The multi-service centre will help guide new arrivals to Montreal and give them a place to interact with fellow Natives.

Although the programming for the centre’s activities will only be unveiled in March, there is already plenty going on. With a youth room equipped with an Xbox and a television along with  foosball tables, it is fertile ground for young people to connect with one another.

The centre already has its first resident artist, Jacques Néwashish, an Atikamekw painter and printmaker who is working on beautifying the walls of the new building. Néwashish is the first of many artists who will be invited to the centre to showcase their artwork throughout the year as well as provide workshops to teach their craft.

Along with providing a place for  youth, the centre is equally focused on providing services for all ages with services and activities that are culturally adapted to serve their needs and interests.

The main goal of the centre is to provide parents with the tools to get their children engaged in cultural events and activities in order to instill pride and reinforce their identity.