Moose Cree First Nation held its elections on August 9. Norman Hardisty was voted new Chief of Moose Cree First Nation with a total of 338 votes.

Right behind him were candidates Patricia Faries-Akiwenzie with 227 votes and Vern Cheechoo with 103 votes.

Also newly elected as Deputy Chief, Charlie Cheechoo won with 345 votes. The new Elder Councilor is Robert Vincent who received the most votes at 424. Gregory Rickard was voted Youth Councilor with a sum of 318 votes.

Other Councilors voted into office include Charlie Alisappi, Doreen Blackned, Earl Cheechoo, Richard Cheechoo, Bob Echum, Katherine Faries, George Lazarus, Pauline Rickard, Daisy Jane Sayers, Charles Small, Walter Turner and Peter Wesley.

Congratulations to the new Chief of Moose Cree First Nation and all those who have been elected to serve on the board!