I often thought about other people and sometimes I wonder how they do it. How do they get all the things that they have? What kind of money does it take to get what they want? So I did a little research on the topic and discovered a few surprising things about how that money is made and how it is spent.

For instance, did you know that there are fewer people on welfare as compared to 10 years ago. It just means that people are fed up with what they make and try a little harder to get what they want by going to a more lucrative income: training. Most times these people don’t stop there, they just keep on going until they land a job, then make their money and save it until they have enough to buy whatever. And then they just keep up with the same formula, get settled, raise kids… and you know the rest. That’s one way.

Another group of people grow up in the same environment but at a little higher income level, but they seem to remain that way for the rest of their lives, not having enough money for other things aside from essentials, just getting by and perhaps trying a bit to improve their income level. Because of their steady income and pretty guaranteed income for life because of pensions, they end up qualifying for credit or a loan. This usually happens after saving pennies for years until there’s enough to guarantee the first loan. They skimp for a year or two and save until they have enough to pay off the debt before too much interest occurs. Then they continue doing the same until they get what they want. That’s another way.

Another set of people try to do the same as the second group, but they get caught by trying to buy things other than essentials and skimp on paying off the loan. This group never gets out of debt but they do work harder at getting more money to pay off those loans and I.O.U’s. This eventually turns in favour of not paying bills, electricity, and no matter how much money they make, they never get out of debt, sometimes passing it on to their kids when they go to heaven. That’s one of the more common ways.

Then there’s another group, who have a low income and live off the land. For some reason, they manage to get by just on essentials for months at a time between pay periods and still have (what many are becoming) resorts in the bush and a home in town. They just work on Indian time, from sunrise to sundown, every day except Sundays, until they get what the love of the land returns to them, with money safely hidden away in bank accounts for months at a time for an exceptional few. But many of these folks, when they are in town, feel the stress of the long wait in between paydays and long for the days when the price of fur was high. That’s our basic group of earners.

A few individuals throughout the communities are now trying their hand at making money in commerce and business and the many who do make it, do well enough for the next generation. Others, like the ones who like to run things for everyone, from time to time when they get hired by the people to lead them, go for the gold, silver and bronze of income earners and spend money on more than essentials. More often than not, even when they are unemployed, they still have a job to sustain their income levels. The ones who do make it at this level often have to maintain their popularity levels to maintain their income levels. While others slip off into obscurity when they don’t.