The standard view on museums is that it’s a one-way street in education – people go to them to learn. But Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute (CCI) has decided on going a different way in helping, through the use of apps and mobile technology, visitors contribute their stories.

On October 10, CCI was awarded the silver prize in the Web’art category for the Mishkutuunimatuutau (Let’s Exchange) project from the International Council of Museums Audiovisual conference.

CCI was selected from a group of 16 international finalists from Europe, Latin America and Asia. The Mishkutuunimatuutau project is a part of the CCI’s interactive website where all of the artifacts are available for viewing as well as a virtual tour of the museum.

“The labels beside each artifact is in three languages which doesn’t leave room for much other information, Museum director Stephen Ingliss said. “But with [mobile phones] or an iPad, the visitor can scan the QR code on each label and have access to more information and videos.”

The goal of the project is to build a database of cultural stories contributed by Cree visitors. CCI received funding for the project from the Canadian Interactive Fund.

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