According to Holly Danyluk, the regional coordinator of the Cree Women of Eeyou Istchee Association, the Cree Regional Authority has officially cut out funding for the CWEIA. The women’s organization had been receiving funding from the Alfred Loon’s Regional Development fund, however as Loon’s funding was cut, he was unable to provide for the CWEIA in this year’s fiscal plan.

The CWEIA has since submitted a five-year corporate plan to the Grand Council but as of March 31, they have not received a response and they are fearful that one will not be coming since March 31 is the deadline for most institutions to present their annual fiscal budgets.

The CWEIA is calling upon anyone who is concerned for the future of women and children in their communities to speak out publicly to their local and regional leaders so that they know just how much this organizations means to Crees and their future.

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