Volume 13, Issue 9

Aashuumiih 2006

Aashuumiih translates from Cree to English as “pass it to me.” To the people of Waskaganish this means the transfer of traditional knowledge from one generation to the next. Stacy Bear, the Waskaganish Youth Chief, said these trips are open to ages 13-29 “but it’s mostly those aged 13-17 that ... read more ››

AGA 2006 @ Waskaganish

From the start you could tell that this Special General Assembly of the Grand Council and the CRA would be preoccupied with Hydro-Quebec’s EM-1 and Rupert Diversion Projects. The tone was set when one delegate said the Cree School Board presentation was too long. “We’re here to talk about EM-1 and ... read more ››

Great Scot!

One thing that many Cree and Inuit have in common is an ancestry that comes from across the ocean. Some have French, some have Scottish or English, but most who do have some European ancestry are not even aware of it. I like to keep in touch with the other half ... read more ››

Healing our youth through sport

Eeyou Istchee needs individuals like Gordon Hudson in Mistissini. Hudson puts in a tremendous amount of hard work and overtime as Mistissini’s Director of Youth Services with the Cree Health Board. But the best part is he also opens various activities up to all nine communities. I first met him at ... read more ››

I had a vision

There was a king in the Old Testament who was troubled by dreams he had been having and so he gave a decree that they seek throughout his kingdom for anyone that could interpret his dreams. They found such a man and his name was Daniel. I call upon all ... read more ››

Squatter eviction time in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

For the past seven months, the Ministry of Natural Resources has been tracking the camps of illegal squatters who have come to the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region to hunt and stay on the land without permits. This month, however, dozens of hunting shacks and other structures built by the squatters will either be ... read more ››

Why Should Anyone Go Hungry?

Most North American cities and towns are connected by road, rail and air. Food comes into these communities easily. We have produce from all over the world and lots of it. I, like everyone else these days, think nothing of being able to visit any given city or town and ... read more ››