Volume 10, Issue 20

A Celebration of Heiltsuk Art and Culture

If you are going to be in downtown Montreal in the next couple of months, you should consider checking out a unique art exhibit at the McCord Museum, located on Sherbrooke St. Entitled “Kaxlaya Gvilas,” meaning “the ones who uphold the laws of our ancestors,” it showcases the past and ... read more ››

A Tribute to a Dear Friend Ella Saganash

I arrived on the shore of Rupert’s River after four days of canoeing to protect Rupert’s River from further development, only to receive the sad news of my dear friend’s departure from this world. I cried when I heard the news, but I remembered her last words, “Don’t ever give ... read more ››

AGA Postponed

The CRA/ GCCQ Annual General Assembly that was to take place in Waskaganish on August 19 to the 23rd has been postponed due to the death of Grand Chief Ted Moses’ son. The yearly Cree nation assembly has been rescheduled for September 9th, 10th and 11th in Waskaganish. No dates ... read more ››

Guatemala: Primal Beauty

The world’s Indigenous peoples are constantly struggling for recognition of their rights and trying to take control of their future. In Guatemala, the Indigenous peoples realize that this means taking advantage of the natural resources available to them. One of the ways to sustain and develop is through eco-tourism. There ... read more ››

I often wondered how communities and the people who live in reserves managed without having a bar…

I often wondered how communities and the people who live in reserves managed without having a bar where alcohol is served. I live in a community where there are two bars. When the community of Kuujjuarapik opened the second bar, stories and predictions of the downfall of society rose with ... read more ››

Landslide on La Grande

Muddy water caused by a landslide on the north bank of La Grande River marred Chisasibi’s annual gathering on Fort George Island at the beginning of August. People were forced to bring their own water to the festival because the river water contained levels of silt 100 times greater than allowed ... read more ››

Mianscum: Chairman of the Board

James Bay Cree voters have chosen a new direction for their school board leadership. William Mianscum of Mistissini will be the chairperson of the Cree School Board (CSB) for the next three years after a run-off election with incumbent Mabel Herodier July 31. Before the run-off election, neither of the two ... read more ››

MoCreebec Drops Challenge; Seeks Cree Membership

MoCreebec will not challenge the results of last year’s Grand Council election after all. As the Nation reported last November, the Quebec Cree community living in northern Ontario was considering launching a court challenge after their members were not offered an opportunity to participate in the vote that narrowly reelected ... read more ››

Musical Chairs at Cree Health Board

How do you fire the boss? That’s certainly the question the Cree Board of Health and Social Services has been preoccupied with these last few months. The answer is one of the following: a) secretly; b) by calling it a suspension; c) by saying the position of chairman – not the ... read more ››

New ID Cards for Indians

Ottawa will spend $17-million to modernize identity cards for status Indians in a move to stop widespread fraud it says costs $62-million a year. The federal government wants to introduce updated Indian status cards to Canada’s 700,000 registered Indians by spring, according to a Department of Indian Affairs report on the ... read more ››

Ouje Stays the Course

Sam Bosum will serve another term as chief of Ouje-Bougoumou after winning a five-way race August 11. Bosum received 41 percent or 120 of the 289 votes cast in the general election. Norman Wapachee came in second with 83 votes, followed by Deputy Chief and singer-songwriter Kenny Mianscum with 32 votes. ... read more ››

Reginald Moses: Rest in Peace

Reginald Moses, the son of Grand Chief Ted Moses passed away in Nemaska on Saturday August 9. Reports say he died of complications from an undiagnosed diabetes condition. The funeral was held Thursday, August 13 in Eastmain. Reginald at one time worked at the airport in Eastmain and was a talented ... read more ››

Rupert Reverence Nearing Journey’s End

This year’s Rupert River Reverence canoe brigade started July 26 on the Route du Nord highway and is slated to conclude on August 18 in Waskaganish. Eric Gagnon, co-president of the Rupert Reverence coalition, along with Diane Reid from Waswanipi, have been paddling along the Rupert River to raise awareness of ... read more ››

Simon’s Story

I am an avid reader of the Nation, and I have read many articles, letters, and stories concerning important issues such as the Paix des Braves, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. But, I noticed that I had never seen anyone write about special needs children. I know that ... read more ››

Transmission/Presences 2003

“In order to maintain our presence, Aboriginal artists constantly look back in order to look forward. By navigating through time we revisit the origins of our artistic expression that we now refer to as traditional or cultural. It is from this essential position that we also permit our creativity to ... read more ››

Weistche Re-elected in Waskaganish

Robert Weistche was re-elected to a four-year term in the general election held in Waskaganish on August 12, 2003. Weistche beat out Billy Diamond, who has served as chief of Waskaganish in the past. The final tally was 437 votes for Weistche to 264 votes for Diamond. “I feel excited, and happy. ... read more ››