Volume 5, Issue 22

2nd Annual Best of James Bay Survey

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS Best Community Contribution (Man) Best Community Contribution (Woman) Most Outstanding Elder Most Outstanding Youth Most Outstanding Tallyman Best Hunter Best Fisher Fastest Goose Plucker Best Storyteller Best Politician Most Disliked Politician Best Cook Best Musician Best Artist Best Cultural Contribution Best Cree Media (person or organization) Funniest Cree Smartest Cree Best Pool Player Best Gossiper Best Checkers/Chess Player Best UFO Sighting Spot CONSUMER Best Auto Dealer Hardy Ringuette d Aubé d Gareau Barraute d Automobile ... read more ››

Above the rim

This past August, Above the Rim Basketball School ran its second week-longbasketball camp in Richmond, Quebec (about 150 km southeast of Montreal). Againthis year, there were many Cree students coming all the way down from Chisasibi,Wemindji, Eastmain and Waskaganish.

Conflict-of-interest alleged in Park spat

A big chunk of Mistissini’s picturesque Elders’ Park will soon be sliced off and turned into a lot for a new house, if the band administration gets its way. Nearby residents are up in arms because the lot is going to none other than Thomas Neeposh, director-general of the band and ... read more ››

Cree Co. $32M In The Red

Cree Co. Inc.’s fortunes took a nosedive last year as it declared a loss of $7.55 million, according to the company’s annual report for 1997/98. The huge loss sent the Cree-owned company’s accumulated deficit soaring to $31.7 million. Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company, founded in 1982, saw its revenues rise from ... read more ››

For Chip

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer and I have managed to visit many First Nation communities. One of the things I noticed that is common to these communities is the large number of dogs, in every shape, size and colour. I love dogs and I am drawn ... read more ››

Hockey News

The Cree Nation Bears ended hockey camp last Sunday, Sept. 13, in Mistissini. Here is the list of participants and selected Bears. Biron, Andrew, Wem.,(age) 14, selected; Blacksmith, Emmanuel, Mist., 15, selected; Blacksmith, Neil, Mist., 14; Brian, Nathan, Mist., 14; Coonlshish, Jordan, Mist., l5;Coonlshlsh-Coon, Kenneth, Mist., 14; Dick, Charlie, Whap., 15, selected; ... read more ››


When I learnt that the old Catholic Church had been burnt down a lot of memories from my past surfaced. It had been a long time since I had thought of that particular part of my life. The church and its impact on the community really started before I was even ... read more ››

Paying homage to Art and Eva Soloman

Homage to a great spiritual leader, teacher and Anishinabe Elder, Dr. Arthur Solomon,and to his lifelong partner, Eva (Pelletier) Solomon Kesheyanakwan, Fast Moving Cloud Joseph William Arthur Solomon (1913-1997) Bear Clan (the Healers) Nimkiikwense, Thundergirl Eva Alma (Pelletier) Solomon (19IB-1997) Deer Clan (the Gentle Ones) Over a year has gone by since Art and Eva Salomon made ... read more ››

People of the woods

On a hunting trip, paddling along in a canoe on an endless lake with my father and one of my sons, when suddenly a powerful ray of the setting sun burst through the thick clouds and temporarily shone a bright light on our canoe. From there on, slowly but determined ... read more ››

Raid founder passes on

The snowmobile-racing world suffered a great loss with the recent passing away of Richard Guay. Guay, a successful Lebel-sur-Quévillon businessman, was well-known in the Cree world as the founder of the Raid des Braves in 1991. The soon-to-be-legendary Raid was inspired by the Harricana snowmobile race, which was organized by Europeans. ... read more ››

Rez Notes

I’ve been browsing through the past few issues of The Nation to catch up on events I missed whilst away from La Belle province on business. It’s fun and kind of weird to read through the magazine when you haven’t been involved in putting it together from start to finish. You ... read more ››

Skeptical reaction to HQ joint venture

Hydro-Quebec’s offer of Cree co-ownership of the 1,280-megawatt Eastmain-Rupert hydro project was met with skepticism and suspicion in Mistissini and Waskaganish. Hydro’s top brass, including chairman André Caillé, spent the afternoon of Thurs., Sept. 10, in Mistissini answering questions and selling the proposed new project, with its pricetag of $2.2-$3 billion. The ... read more ››

Whapmagoostui man sentenced to six years

Joseph Napartuk, 29, of Whapmagoostui pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to six years in prison, starting September 9. Napartuk was involved in an alcohol-related incident in which Sydney Bullfrog was killed sometime after midnight on April 20 earlier this year According to the police, Napartuk and Bullfrog were involved ... read more ››

World Wide Webb: Generally the word Nuke evokes images of giant mushroom clouds rising from the rubble of a dropped bomb.

Generally the word Nuke evokes images of giant mushroom clouds rising from the rubble of a dropped bomb. It is of course bad news to have one dropped on you. For a growing number of Internet users it conjures up images of the “blue screen of death,” It certainly does ... read more ››