Volume 2, Issue 23

96.3% say No in Cree referendum

Crees have sent an overwhelming message to the Parti Quebecois government. They want no part of the separatist project. Crees voted 96.3 per cent against allowing Quebec to take them and their territory out of Canada in the event of a Yes vote in the Oct 30 Quebec referendum. Despite the short ... read more ››

Arctic Rose: Susan Aglukark

I first learned about Susan Aglukark in 1989 when I saw her video, Searching, on MuchMusic. My father is Inuk from Labrador, but I grew up in a small town in Newfoundland, so at that time I was doing a lot of searching for my own personal reasons. Aside from the ... read more ››

Finding Myself

In the communities, there is sometimes conflict between Native spirituality and Christianity. Instead of religion strengthening the communities, is it creating divisions? Nellie House, program coordinator for the Cree Board of Health and Social Services, talked to us about her views on how to find oneself and build self-esteem. Being ... read more ››

Tallymen question benefits of sawmill

Waswanipi trappers and community leaders remain deeply concerned about Chief John Kitchen’s $5.8-million sawmill project, according to a study done for the band’s forestry company. The 146-page review of the joint Waswanipi-Domtar project shows the community is divided over the benefits of the project, concerned about its effects on the environment ... read more ››

The Evil Empire strikes back

Well, if you haven’t heard about my adventures on the LG-2 reservoir read on. It all started when Karyn Rogers decided to do soil samples. She needed a guide and I volunteered, as I always wanted to see for myself science in the making. On October 10 we started by Cherokee ... read more ››

Tragedy in Eastmain

A young woman killed herself in Eastmain by burning down the police station where she was being held after threatening suicide. Gracie Bearskin of Chisasibi was taken to the police station the morning of Sunday, Oct. 15 after a night of partying with friends. Her companions became alarmed when Gracie, 21, ... read more ››

Wellness theme of women’s forum

Christine Sioui doesn’t have illusions that a single conference will solve the problem of violence against women. But she does think it will draw the issues into the open, and that’s an important step. “We don’t propose magic solutions,” says Sioui, who is organizing a conference on violence against Native women ... read more ››