“Astrology is a complex science which can only be mastered by the very best.” There you go!So Thelma and Louise invite you to take a glimpse of the character type of each sign, whichwill enable you to learn more about yourself and others. This might make it easier for thecommon folks to accept their limitations and weaknesses. The reader might be amused by thecontents but nonetheless there is much truth to what we tell you because we know what we aretalking about.

Aquarius, Honest, Loveable, Humane, Open-Minded, Detached.

Mr. Aquarius: May spend all evening talking about the world in general. Is likely to pick a female with a keen sexual appetite for he believes that sex should occupy a part of one’s life and not dominate it. Will grow restless and uncomfortable when someone disapproves of his behavior.

Ms. Aquarius: probably belongs to women’s lib and flattery does not impress her. Prefers an honest and open approach. Rarely rushes into marriage and requires much patience. Sometimes cold, she endeavors to reform her man.

Pisces, Kind, Gentle, Sensitive, Unlucky, Often Moody.

Mr. Pisces: Sometimes likes to hide his true-self. But is hard to resist, being naturally charming and appealing. He may use his loveable puppy dog eyes as a weapon. Mr. Pisces is a dreamer who possesses a childlike grace. He will be sfiaky in matters of money.

Ms. Pisces: She has much loving kindness and is a gentle woman. Possesses a strong and vivid imagination. A jealous streak might sometimes get-her into trouble. Ms. Pisces is a romantic at heart as well as an incurable dreamer. Beware any man who values his freedom.

Aries, -Energetic, Enthusiastic, Impulsive, Lives in the mind.

Mr. Aries: Will forever chase progress and new ideas. Is a go-getter and is particular about his looks and is meticulous with dress. Will spend most of his life searching for himself and his chosen path. Is passionate yet selfish. Will not listen to advice. Patience is not his trademark.

Ms. Aries: She has a bright and lively personality. Is a delight to meetsocially. Ms. Aries can frequently attract a weaker male. Is sometimes domineering and overbearing. She enjoys sex. But if you go against her wishes: you are doomed my friend.

Taurus, Organized, Kind-Hearted, Hard-Working, Stubborn..

Mr. Taurus: Will not be hustled or bullied into a false position: He stands his ground. His dreams rarely lose touch with reality. Love for him begins early and goes on into late life. No one is more stubborn than a Taurean with his heels well and truly dug in. He is a loyal and

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loving person.

Ms. Taurus: Makes an excellent wife. Shines in the homemaking department. She is a motherly type. Is constantly afraid of being broke. She likes to know where she stands in a relationship. Is strongly attracted by two things: the opposite sex and food. She likes to over-indulge on occasions.

Gemini, Restless, Flexible, Clever, Expressive, Talkative.

Mr. Gemini: Longs for new interests and is impatient with routine. Very sociable person. Intellectual satisfaction is a driving force. Loved ones should refrain from interference, for he is best left to follow his own erratic path. He believes that there are two types of women: nice girls and the others.

Ms. Gemini: Needs people around her. Always on the look out for something to discuss or criticize. Her interests often prove to be an irresistible challenge. This person is loyal and sincere. Needs a romantic environment, good conversation and all the right compliments, or else you might just as well go home.

Cancer, Tenacious, Sensitive, Patient, Changeable.

Mr. Cancer: He is a possessive person when it comes to loved ones and ideas. Has a vivid imagination. Affections are deep and lasting. No distance, or period of time will weaken the ties. It is rare for a Cancer man to fall from the top once he reaches it.

Ms. Cancer: Is for the most part happiest when married at an early age, for only in close partnership can she truly fulfill herself. This female should be off limits unless you’re prepared for a long and meaningful relationship. When disappointed withdraws into her dream-world.

Leo, Proud, Generous, Trusting, Domineering, Energetic.

Mr. Leo: Always makes a good impression right off the bat. This individual makes a warm and open friend. Nothing is too good for his loved ones. He needs plenty of love and admiration. Any female who wants him must remember this. He tends to be too generous.

Ms. Leo: Has a strong sex drive but will not settle for the back seat of a car. Likes the good things in life. Is likely to burn a hole in any man’s pocket. Dancing may be popular with her because she possesses a natural grace. She is an extremely proud woman.

Virgo, Exact, Methodical, Intelligent, Discriminating.

Mr. Virgo: This type rarely lavishes affection and praise on anyone. Gives freely of his time and energy. Love never comes easily to him and it takes much to melt his heart. His partner will need to be a kind and understanding woman. Will often be thought of as cold.

Ms. yirgo: Is intelligent and critical of others including herself. She is not the domestic type. Has high standards and is fixed in what she believes to be right or wrong sexually. Can’t be

attracted easily and takes her sex seriously. When she says coffee, that’s all you can expect.

Libra, Restless, Versatile, Intelligent, Talkative.

Mr. Libra: This man is noted for his keen sense of fairness. Has great charm and has genuine appreciation of what is good in others. Love is extremely important in his life, even in old age he will still be interested. He will sweep you off your feet with his expertise.

Ms. Libra: She finds it difficult to hurt other’s feelings and the word “no” comes too infrequently. Ms. Libra makes an excellent wife. Her entire world will revolve around her man. Her love of harmony is strong and any display of temper will turn her off completely.

Scorpio, Independent, Passionate, Determined, Keen Likes and Dislikes.

Mr. Scorpio: Can immediately see the purpose and meaning of things which come under his penetrating eyes. It is impossible for him to feel indifferent about anyone or anything. No woman will find him an easy person to live with. Friends will belong to a tight, closed and exclusive circle.

Ms. Scorpio: Does not find it easy when it comes to personal relationships. It is most difficult for her to make allowances for the weaknesses of others. Nowise male will play around with her affections. If you should hurt her and the opportunity of revenge presents itself, she will grasp it with both hands.

Sagittarius, Impatient, Curious, Impulsive, Restless.

Mr. Sagittarius: This individual is the truth-seeker and his probing mind may often offend some of his friends. Is a good and considerate lover but will not be tied down. Loves his freedom. Unable to keep still at any given time. He is one who can bring success out of failure.

Ms. Sagittarius: She’s frank and open. She refuses to be changed. She finds it difficult to show her true colours. She needs a man who will not take offense every time she smiles and dances with another. She enjoys sex and is not hampered by inhibition. She insists on the truth.

Capricorn, Hard-Working, Reserved, Diplomatic, Ambitious.

Mr. Capricorn: Mr. Cap. is impressed by rank, wealth and breeding. He is an incorrigible flirt but this behavior is rarely sex-oriented. He needs a female who can offer reassurance when life goes against him. A born romantic and because of this he is never pushy when turned down.

Ms. Capricorn: Reaches her warmest peak when married. Could give unintentional offense by not minding her own business at times. When she gets down the only cure may be a change of environment, socializing with friends and an excessive dose of love.

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