Christmas has arrived early this year in Mistissini as the Wreath of Hope campaign has already surpassed its fundraising goal of $25, 000 to help needy individuals and families in the community.

“I know with the bake sale and the breakfast, I think we raised approximately $29,000 that day,” said Beverly Quinn of the Meechum store.

“There are always other pledges being made, we are receiving, checks from entities as well as from individuals in the community,” said Quinn as some individuals and organisations have continued to give after the fundraising events.

“Plus there is other places in the community that do fundraising and then donate part of their proceeds to the Wreath of Hope, for example the fire department. They raise money and then they bring it in separately, as their way of donating to the Wreath of Hope. You have other places that are doing some fundraisers for other things and they bring part of their proceeds over to the wreath of hope as well so, we continue to receive even after the holidays or after our initiative. Those are one of the two things that we do every year to raise funds but there are different places that do different things for the holidays,” said Quinn.

With the help of the community’s generosity, “we are able to help more families this year than we have in the past because the funds that have been raised are quite considerable,” said Quinn enthusiastically, knowing that the holidays might just be a brighter time this year in Mistissini.

The Wreath of Hope campaign is still an ongoing effort, to make a contribution or to find out more the Meechum Reg’d, located at 136 Amanda Street, in Mistissini, drop by or call (418) 923-3217 to find out how you can help.