Oh, where do i start? Should i begin with the impending break out of world peaceor is that just a little too mundane for you? How about something a little more“out there?”” As I’ve mentioned in previous columns… late breaking news… we havemade our mark on the world wide web…

That is our domain name on the www. Learn it, love it, visit it, recite it as your mantra. See you there. As of production time we are in the process of setting up our website and uploading it to the Net. Drop by often and you will see frequent updates as time goes by.

Now, where were we?… Ah yes… As i’ve mentioned in previous columns. We are starting to record the various sightings of… dare i say it… UFO’s. There I’ve said. I am as sceptical as the next person. But the stories that have been filtering through to us are truly compelling. Which is prompting us to start the James Bay Sighting Society.

The JBSS is an organization dedicated to recording the sightings of the witnesses and experiencers. The Cree gossip network works wonders in spreading the stories but we need to take it a step further and as I’ve said we want to record the sightings in a scientific and professional manner.

Get in touch with us if you have a story to tell. Confidentiality will be assured. We are looking at the possibility of doing a book on the subject. If you are interested as a field researcher or want to tell your story contact us at 514 272 3077 or mail it to: c/o The JBSS, Box 48036, 5678 Ave. du Parc, Montreal, Qc H2V 4S8.

I have seen some of you on the Net and I’ll see you soon again. Also send in your reponsesto my questionaire. Or send me something letting me know what you want to read about.I would like to know what you want.

As for the world peace, it would be a rather boring place if it were to actually break out,no?

Till next time, Live long and prosper.