I Seek You or ICQ? There is a way to know when your buddies are on line. It is called ICQ, as in I seek you… According to Mirabilis, the company that released ICQ, “It is a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who’s on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will.” Also, “you can chat, send messages, files and URLs, play games, or just hang out with your fellow ‘Netters’ while still surfing the Net.” After you download and register, “you receive a unique UIN (Universal Internet Number)… This allows other ICQ users to recognize you when you log on… You can compile a selected list of friends and associates. ICQ uses this list to find your friends for you. Meanwhile, ICQ waits quietly in the background without interrupting any other applications in use. As soon as you log onto the Internet, ICQ automatically detects the Internet connection, announces your presence to the Internet community and alerts you when friends sign on or off. Once you know who’s on, all it takes is a click of an icon to initiate chat, implement URL transfers, send messages, exchange files, or launch any external peer-to-peer applications.” There you have it. Head on over to (http://www.icq.com) for more info.

We are enlisting your help… Since we started publishing we have been getting a lot of reports of strange sightings around James Bay. I’m sure you heard them before. We want to start a database of the so-called sightings. This is where you come in. If you’ve seen or heard of a sighting, let us know at The Nation care of WWW/ Sightings. We are researching for a possible book on the subject. So this week’s WWW link is (http://www.mufon.com).

It is the Mutual UFO Network based in Texas. “The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is an international scientific organization composed of people seriously interested in studying and researching the phenomenon known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) by combining their mutual talents, areas of expertise and investigative efforts.

“MUFON is the acronym for the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., a Texas nonprofit… MUFON firmly believes that a concentrated scientific study by dedicated investigators and researchers will provide the ultimate answer to the UFO enigma. Founded on May 31, 1969, MUFON’s phenomenal success may be attributed to the ‘grass roots’ nature of the organization, in which a majority of the leadership and motivation is achieved at the local level. In North America, a State or Provincial Director oversees the investigative activities of the Field Investigators through State Section Directors.”

So if there is anything to report let us know c/o WWW/ Sightings. I will keep you updated onthis project as it unfolds.

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