Who are you? Who sent you? And what is your directive?… Just kidding.I do want to know who you are. What are your computing habits and what youwant to read about? I want to know whether you’re on the Net or just learning whatalt-f4 does. I want to know if you have to sneak on the Net and make sure your bossdoesn’t catch you on the Boney M. Web page. (www.muellner.simplenet.com/boneym/)
I want to know if you have a computer at home and whether you use it for homework,or the latest games and whether it’s hooked up to the Net. This won’t hurt a bit…

1. Name (optional):____________

2. Age:_____

3. Occupation:_________________

4. Sign:______________

5. Sex:

M/F □

6. Community:

7. I use my computer at:

Home □
Work □
School □

8. I play games on my computer:

Sometimes □
Rarely □

9. I am connected to the Internet at:

Home □
Office □
School □

10. I have an email address:

Yes □
No □

11. I have to sneak on when I get on the Internet:

Yes □
No □
Not telling □

12. I pay long distance when I get on the Net:

Yes □
No □

13. Who are you? Who sent you? What is your directive?… (Just checking whether you’re paying attention or not.)

14. I plan to purchase a computer:

In the near future □
Maybe at Christmas time if I’ve been nice □
Never □

15. True or false: Computers will one day rule the world. (Just checking again.)

16. Do you have a scanner?

Yes □
No □

17. How long have you been using a computer? _____________

18. I want stories on:

Computer tips □
Internet tips □
Internet adventures □
Interesting websites □
Software □
Video games □

19. I want a question-and-answer section on computers:

Yes □
No □

20. I couldn’t think of a question 20.

You can mail, or fax in your entries (514 278 9914) c/o World Wide Webb.

I have received some feedback on the UFO stories and I thank you. Keep them coming. If you mail it to The Nation make it c/o WWW/Sightings. I will let you know in my next columns our plans for these stories, till then.

Live long and prosper.