A typical day at Dream Catcher Incorporated, James Bay’s leading manufacturer of… you guessed it… dream catchers

Diane arrives a few minutes late and full of life as usual

Hi gang!

Hi Diane!

Diane s mood plummets when she sees the mountain of work piled high on her desk


Just then her boos, who holds the world record for most firings in a single morning, enters

You’re late, young lady.

I want these orders done yesterday or else!

What would you do?

Our usually mild-mannered heroine, feeling immense pressure and getting no sympathy from her colleagues, begins to think, for the first time, truly evil thoughts. She imagines how good it would feel if she strangled the witch…

Goodness Gracious!

…or buried a knife in her back

Unsated by her iniquitous fantasies, she takes to drink. Heavily…

Great Balls of Fire

0n a meagre salary, she finds alcohol too expensive and the inevitable hangovers too painful. She turns to gorging herself and gains ten pounds in one sitting.

Much to the amusement and disgust of her co-workers she turns to an obsure, but soon-to-be-hip, Eastern religion and spends hours on her desk meditating and repeating her mantra.


Wisely she takes a walk outside. Clearing her mind and relieving the stress that would ultimately have led to the unemployment line.

You know, it s true what they say. Walking can do wonders for the mind and body.

Our heroine and her boss embrace and make up. Tranquility and peace reign in the workplace again

Let this be a lesson to you, and remember, violence, drinking, overeating and even obscure Eastern religions are not the answers…

Take a walk instead…

But not on company time!