When Maggie Gull was 16 years of age, she was informed it was time to leave school because of her age. She attended the residential school in Chapleau, Ontario. But determined as she was, she found employment through the Anglican Church of Canada. She was a devout Anglican. She worked at the residential school in Aklavik, NWT in the 1950s.

Her mother had died and her father lived at Waswanipi, QC at the Old Post settlement. She would tell me her fond memories of the olden days in Waswanipi Old Post, where she spoke of laughter and dancing even though they had no power or running water. She would smile and tell the funny stories that she remembered. And laughter would follow. Those were good times with her.

It was a year ago on November 8, 2010, Maggie (Gull), Margo Muir as she was known has passed on to the Spirit World at the age of 86.  Margo (Maggie) had been with the Canadian Armed Forces and sent her picture with her uniform to her father, late Samuel H. Gull of Waswanipi. She was proud to serve her country, like all those brave armed forces personnel who serve our country.

Margo met Andrew Muir who was stationed in Aklavik, N.W.T. where she worked, and later married. As the years went by they were stationed in various places, such as Red Lake, Alberta, North Bay, Ontario. Eventually they settled in Ottawa with their four children – Andrew Muir, Marion Muir, Stuart Muir and Diane Muir Croteau. Her grandchildren are Robyn, Tyler and Matt.

It’s quite a coincidence that she left us in November, the Remembrance Day month. Her eldest son, Andrew works for Veterans Affairs in Ottawa. I am sure she is smiling proudly on her family and grandchildren.

A year has gone by and she is still remembered, and will always be in our hearts with love.