My red-faced daughter rushed into the house to tell me that geese were flying over – the cold early fall winds are already here. Wow, can it be September already? Times goes by fast when you don’t have time for life, just work. I am often told that I think of only work and more work… Perhaps I do, but once in a while I slip into hibernation mode. Kinda like a bear without all the harvesting.

Speaking of bears, there seems to be record sightings of bears close to town. I suppose that the great smells emanating from the local dump are doing the trick. And…, oh yes, the berries. I heard that berries are now being celebrated as a cash crop and some nice festivities are becoming the rage for local fall festivals. It used to a little different back in the day…

Harvesting foods that don’t have feet or wings – like berries and what not – was not something taken lightly. In fact, berries are a natural and good tasting preservative, when used with other foods, such as fish and meats, grease and anything dried and made out of protein. Come to think of it, dried caribou lungs or anything else gutsy, when completely dried, is like the new protein diet in a bag that’s often used and mixed with water or cooked for a few minutes, that sort of thing.

What if we made our own protein in a bag mix made from caribou and other dead animals and call it diet foods? I think that would probably sell like poutine in certain areas of our country and meanwhile lose weight while you quaff down a protein drink that tastes like smoked caribou. MMMM, mmm… Business idea anyone?

Another favourite flavour would be fish and berries… Yummy… they say that the best foods for your brains and for memory enhancement are fish and blueberries. Think of it, a brain-enhancing drink, enabling everyone to remember everything since birth and quite possibly, enable a few to think so fast, they can predict the future.

Now all that protein needs some energy to make it effective. Let’s say, some super bimmikan – animal fats laced with cranberries and oatmeal (to appeal to the inner vegetarian in us) and concentrated into brick forms, with a high expansion capacity when combined with a cup of tea and lasts so long in your stomach that it takes a few days to pass, while feeding you a constant stream of calories until the next day. Great for hiking. Imagine a 10-pound pack could feed you for weeks, just in case you get lost on the way to the outhouse.

Ahh, the wonders of big business ideas. Could it be that we might be on the verge of a new wonder fad diet that will actually work? Could the next protein diet package actually be made of real protein? One wonders… perhaps the economic gods are too busy making money and cannot hear the pleas of a wannabe entrepreneur. Unless, you are lucky enough to make it on “the big idea”, which is easily Googable and will tell you everything I’m trying to say. So, protein drinks anyone?

My daughter snaps me out of berry-enhanced mind to remind me that geese were flying today, again. Wow, that time of the year again. Get my protein the good old-fashioned way with some good goose calls and a shotgun. For many others, it’s the moose call. That protein comes by the ton, but that’s another tale to tell of the fabled moose. But hey, it’s hunting season and time for the beginning of another protein harvest.