Why do students drop out?

Students drop out because of lack of motivation, boredom and low self-esteem.

I think the problem starts at the elementary level because in my experience some of the teachers don’t really care about their students’ problems. I know some students who were in the elementary level who passed a grade or year because they were too old for the class, even though they didn’t understand or weren’t doing too well in the class they were in.

But some of the problems are not only in the school. Some students also have family problems. Teachers should know or sense if there is a problem with their students, not just dismiss it as students acting up. Or try to make their teaching difficult.

Good teachers should think of their students’ feelings as well as their studies and should always be there for them and try and understand them. Students should also learn that they are not in school to pass their time just sitting around but to learn and prepare for life – because they are important too; because they are the future; because without them there wouldn’t be a future.

This problem just doesn’t concern students and teachers. It concerns everybody. School should be fun! Students should come out of school feeling they are no. 1, not feeling that they are worthless and no good. So let’s try to help them feel no. 1.