It used to be that being bad was a boy’s domain. The snot-nosed kid with the slingshot, the ruffian with a rebel cause, the guy who would fight for his girl with switchblades twirling and grease dripping off his ’do fit the image of the good old bad boy.

This image has been sustained and accepted as almost normal, something that was bound to happen; predictably around the usual bad-boy hangouts: the pool rooms, the barrooms, the locker room and the playground, often at the crack of dawn. Today, the domain of the bad boy has been challenged by the opposite sex. Yes, Virginia, there are nice girls who rumble.

You see it more often today. The bad-girl syndrome has escalated dramatically over the past decade. Social studies indicate that the level of violent actions conducted by boys (who eventually grow into men with freedom if they choose the right path, or take the road to incarceration), has peaked for some time. Violence by men has remained at about the same level for quite awhile now, while transgressions by the fairer sex have increased so dramatically that they could soon surpass that of the now relatively sedate male.

In one of our own communities, local sport centres and schools have been nearly demolished by our own sweet children, many of them ladies-to-be. In a period of eight days, they managed to Zambonize a rink with red paint, then the following weekend, use the same machine to trash the boards and protective glass, putting in danger one of the most anticipated hockey tourneys north of the 55th. Meanwhile, the school and several businesses were ransacked and otherwise broken into, bywhom, no one knows, but many suspect the same gang of girls.

Why so, one asks? I have some theories that I will test. One is the amount of male hormones that have leeched into the water supplies from the billions of doses of the Pill, which is passed through the sewage system and regurgitated back into the natural water systems throughout the world, affecting all women in the world. This can affect those who have unwittingly absorbed higher levels of male hormones (somewhat akin to those non-smokers who are affected by second hand smoke) and have increased male tendencies for violent behaviour.

Another theory I have is that the number of role models for girls have increased in the last decade or so, often depicted by women of adventure, women wielding weapons or who have incredible capacities to incapacitate the bad guys and yet have a lack of empathy for those who dare to question or bully her around. This is evident in movies, television, magazines and every media known to man (perhaps there is a secret sorority which has other media that men are unaware of).

Just recently, the polls show that the number-one action hero is a woman. Who would have guessed? She happens to be a martial arts expert and from China, no less, the land where women’s roles and rights are right down there, just below human rights.

In our own communities and families, we should take more care as to what influences our children’s mindsets. We should never forget that a child’s memories of their childhood should be filled with love and understanding, and teachings towards the right path, before we all go the way of the sociopath.