Well, another year has come and gone, so to speak, and with it changes. I would mention that if you turn the 1999 upside down it looks like 6661. I imagine all the crazies, self-proclaimed prophets and doomsayers will be predicting the end of the world or the coming of the anti-Christ with the four horsemen prancing along. It’s all happened before in 666. There was mass hysteria like you wouldn’t believe and the same thing for 999 and 1666. Keep a cool head and if you must believe in it and start giving away all your possessions because the end of the world is coming, please think of me. In the meantime live this year as if it isn’t the last one. Start out with a good resolution.

I actually managed to keep last year’s New Year’s resolution to myself. It was a private one so I won’t go into it except to say that it was surprisingly easy in the long run. I think it was because I chose something easy to do and it reflected a change I wanted to make myself.

Sometimes that’s the way to start. If you look at all your problems at once, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of you. Instead just look at some of the small things and before you know you’ll have taken care of things in a way you thought couldn’t be done.

If you are stuck for a New Year’s resolution, help yourself to one on my list:

Give up smoking, spend more time with the kids, get more exercise, take life easier, spend less time in front of the TV, get a cable/satellite connection, earn more money, earn some money, drink less, drink more, stop biting my nails, cycle to work in the summer, save a whale, recycle more waste, write more letters, keep in touch with old friends, be more polite, be more cynical, get in touch with my inner self, be
more outgoing, be less stressed, get more work done, visit the dentist, eat more greens, read more books, be nicer, build up that CD collection, do more housework, do the dishes more often, lose my phobias, get a pet, be greener, go out more, see more live music, eat less takeouts, cook more, floss more, keep my nails cleaner, take up a new hobby, continue your education, learn a language, take Tai-Chi, get a qualification, take more holidays, eat less fries, party less, have more dinner parties, go to more dinner parties, meet more people, meet less people, join a band, water the plants more, clean out the bath more, care more about the planet, get a new car, get a new bike, get rid of the car, get rid of the bike, get a motorcycle instead, go jogging, go swimming, go hiking, fishing etc, get out of town more, visit Alaska, see Europe, watch less movies, watch more movies, decorate the living room, have a kid, get a life, change to half fat milk, eat less pre-cooked foods, spend more time in the kitchen, eat more, less exposure to the sun, more exposure to the sun, take a ride on the space shuttle, get smudged, get a facial to see what the hype is about, take less sugar and join a healing circle to get help with all my problems because I’m so overloaded.

As you can see some of them are easy and some are hard. I just start with the easy ones. I think the space shuttle thing is a long-term one that’ll need more planning and hard work. It might interfere with my “less work” resolution, but would go great with “go out more.” You can’t get any further out than that.

Happy New Year to one and all from me and mine at The Nation.