The community of Whapmagoostui is in shock after two people were shot at, one of which succumbed to his wounds a few hours later.

Timothy Fleming fought unsuccessfully for his life after a February 9 shooting that occurred at 2:30 am on the Inuit side of town and involved two suspects.

The shooter, a minor who cannot be identified, shot Fleming in the head and side with a shotgun, according to Whapmagoostui Police Director Roger Sandy. There were five shots fired in all and a second minor was rushed to hospital with non-life threatening wounds.

Allie Tooktoo, 22, is being charged with second-degree murder for his role in Fleming’s death. Although he was not the shooter, Tooktoo allegedly began beating Fleming after he was shot, Sandy told the Nation.

The shooter is being charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, using a firearm to commit murder, and discharging a firearm. Both suspects will be held until their trial date, which has not yet been set.

“I was devastated and shocked,” said Director Sandy, who is aiding the Kativik Regional Police. “But at the same time I had to stay calm and help out in the situation. It’s very hard as an officer when you receive these calls. It’s not like Montreal where they don’t care, we know everyone here and responding to a call when you know these victims and suspects is hard to do.”

“I just want to remind people to safely store their shotguns at all times.” The Surete de Quebec has since taken over the investigation.