YOU MAY BE WONDERING at the changes from The Nation’s old format to our new Nation Enquirer style. It came about because of the jokes after our paper first came out and it was displayed alongside those types of tabloid newspapers at the Val d’Or airport. We requested a change IN display location and the salesperson seemed surprised.

“These are the papers that go the fastest. This is the best place,” the salesperson told us.

We explained The Nation’s desire to be dignified and true to the journalistic needs of the Crees.

Those jokes disturbed me and I prayed to the Creator for a miracle but none came. That’s when I realized why.

The people wanted an Enquirer of their own with a Cree viewpoint and the policy of The Nation is always to reflect what the people want, within the bounds of morality. We are still dedicated to bringing you the best in whatever form that means. We aren’t just another bunch of bloodsucking leeches trying to make a quick dollar, though. We at this newspaper are good, God-fearing, hardworking, bluecollar, anti-communist, patriots who believe in jealously holding the torch of truth and justice. We believe in making a buck if possible and that also helped in our decision to become just another readable toilet-room rag.

By the way, don’t forget to send in a vote and photo of who you think is the Cutest Member of the Female Persuasion in the Sasquatch/Cree Nations.

Ed. Note: Only two inside pages are Enquirer style. April Fools Day.

– William E. Nichols I, Esquire