CHPH 99.7 FM Wemindji is increasing its directional ERP signal to 14,000 watts.

The improved transmission frequency will reach over 125 kilometres of the vast territory throughout the Cree Nation of Wemindji.

RTS Canada will act as project manager in CHPH’s overhaul, which includes the addition of new studios to the station.

“Our community is growing quickly and it is important that the station grow too,” said CHPH vice president Edward Georgekish.

Owned by the non-profit Wemindji Telecommunications Association, CHPH was first licensed by the CRTC over three years ago.

RTS Canada is a broadcast consulting service providing technical training, engineering and licensing services for cable, internet cable and radio.

“We are very proud of our long association with the community,” emphasized RTS Canada president Hyman Glustein. “It is an important part of the James Bay territory, being the first Internet service north of Val d’Or and the first radio service to actively engage outside advertisers. We take pride in being associated with innovators and our commitment to com-munity radio everywhere in Canada goes back over 35 years.”