The following anonymous letter was sent to The Nation from Wemindji:

Chief Walter Hughboy calls for a General Meeting with his people in Wemindji on August 5, 1994 after numerous demands made by the people to address issues pertaining to irregularities at the Council level.

But instead of Chief Hughboy addressing these issues, he proposes to his people a mandate to proceed to explore and develop the hydroelectric potential of the Maguatua River basin, which will be connected to Hydro-Quebec’s main grid for exportation to the U.S.

According to Chief Hughboy, Wemindji will negotiate a long-term cooperative agreement relation with Hydro-Quebec and maintenance of the power plant, plus other related matters. But Walter never mentioned at the meeting to his people that this Sakami-Boyd hydroelectric project is not mentioned or contemplated in the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, which only allows the signatories to amend the Agreement.

After a prolonged period of Chief Hughboy’s political rantings with a lot of mumbo jumbo, he transpires into the Robert Bourassa syndrome. He even goes as far as pursuing the Jacques Parizeau dream for a separation, indicating that the Cree Nation of Wemindji should break away from the Grand Council of the Crees of Quebec due to the fact that Grand Chief Coon Come is somewhat stalling the socioeconomic growth of the Crees by opposing the Great Whale Project.

According to the people, it’s totally ridiculous to even think about a separation from the Cree Nation when our way of life is on the line because of Robert Bourassa’s syndrome and when we were advised by our Elders to take a stand together as a “nation.” As the saying goes, “together we stand, divided we fall.”

Very concerned Cree members