Alcohol and drugs fueled an unusual level of interpersonal violence in Nunavik over the past weekend.

In Kuujuaq, where 300 people had gathered for a regional hockey tournament, the Kativik Regional Police Force scrambled to deal with a larger-than-usual number of drunken individuals and many violent assaults.

Due to an accident involving Kuujuaq’s sole taxi, many patrons of the local bar were walking or driving around the community in an inebriated condition. Seven ended up spending Saturday night in police station cells, and three individuals remained in custody after the weekend and were to be sent South for detention as a result of violent infractions committed over the weekend.

In Puvirnituq police responded to a call involving three men who had apparently been arguing. Following an assault by two of the men against a third man, who suffered minor injuries, one man turned against the other and was aided by a fourth man in this assault. One man was gravely injured after being hit in the head with a seven-kilogram barbell. Two men were later arrested and taken into custody.

Samwillie Ivillaq, 25, was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon. Tukai Amittuq, 21, was charged as an accomplice in an aggravated assault. Matteusi Tullugaq, 25, is recovering in a Montreal hospital from serious wounds to his head.