We are back and feeling much better about ourselves, thank you. We came very close to being inundated with submissions from people throughout Cree country. Thanks to all who took pity and came to the rescue. We will forever be grateful. But don’t stop there. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for anything amiss (or not) and send it in. We must stand together. One Nation. Under Matthew.

You can imagine my joy when I came upon this story in the Windspeaker, with a headline that read, Mystery Light Enchants North. The article says that since January 4, 80 “credible people” have witnessed an unexplained white light moving through they sky just above the treeline in Fort Resolution (Fort Rez), N.W.T. These lucky people were “treated to a show of bright red, blue and green flashes of light coming from underneath the intense white glow.” But that’s not all. Even National Defence stumbled into town on January the 10th to “investigate.” As usual they failed to come up with an explanation but are sure they are not conducting military exercises in the area.

In a related story (we hope), a British Airways 737 saw a “lighted, wedge-shaped object” as it approached Manchester airport on January 6,1995. The strange sight made no sound and no turbulence was felt. The article goes on to say that an official committee was baffled by the pilot’s report.

In more down-to-earth developments, we have received the results of the weight-off between the Waskaganish council and the local School Board. It seems I’m losing my bet. After three weeks, the council team, with 28 competitors, is leading by a few pounds. They have lost a total of 116.62 lbs. Their weight in total at the beginning was (you better sit down for this) 5602.63 lbs. The school board’s collective weight of 5020.18 lbs. is now down to 4924.22 lbs. A loss of 95.96 pounds. The fax exclaims, “One person lost 17 and a half pounds!!!”

Someone stop and tell the Raid Des Braves participants to check out the sound their mufflers make. Legendary motorcycle maker Harley Davidson is seeking a patent on the rumble its engines emit. Other odd sound patents include the MGM lion’s roar and the NBC chimes.

Lucy Meeko of Kuujuarapik/ Whapmagoostui/Great Whale/Poste De La Baleine, captured two awards in international snowsculpting competitions in France at the end of January. One of her relatives tell me she received the first prize for Quebec and Third for Canada.

Cree martial arts enthusiasts will be happy to hear that for the first time in Montreal, Shaolin monks will be at the Theatre St. Denis on March the 3rd. They will demonstrate two-fingered handstands and perform other seemingly impossible feats. Bring your steeltoe boots – Alex tells me that audience members are cordially invited to kick a monk in the nuts as hard they can. Call 514-849-4211 to get your kicks in.

Happy Valentine’s Day.