Four Waswanipi women finally brought an end to their story of financial misdeeds as they pled guilty to fraud and forging of documents in Waswanipi traveling court.

Pauline Icebound, Josephine Happyjack-Gull, Cynthia Saganash, and Emily Happyjack-Gull pled guilty on October 25 and will be sentenced January 10, 2006.

The Crown prosecutor recommended Icebound and Saganash serve their sentence in the community because their participation in the money-bilking scam was limited.

The women transferred monies from various businesses in Waswanipi into their own accounts. A number of stores were affected and have had to go through lengthy insurance appeals to get the money back.

In all, the women stole at least $275,000 from the accounts of small-and medium-sized local business owners.

For the two others, the crown wants jail sentences of 18-20 months.