The White Winter Season has been around in the Bay James territories since Halloween week. Does that mean we’ll have a longer or shorter winter if we consider that the cycle of season has been changing in the last years. If that means hockey season will last longer, kids will have more time to improve their skills if they wish to play like Jonathan Cheechoo.

I reckon our fall period was shortened when we had the first Snow Storm back in October so that hockey fever could get underway!!!

In the third week of November, Snow Storm Season hit Southern Québec causing late fall commotion. Remember?! That morning on French CBC (Société Radio-Canada…SRC), they were describing the scene as LA VRAIE PREMIÈRE TEMPÊTE DE NEIGE DU QUÉBEC. Did I have white storm news for them. I don’t know if their weather forecaster’s technological instruments have been out of power for this part of the country? The migrating geese of autumn on their way to Carolina Hurricanes marshlands would have been better messengers of our cold conditions. So do you know what I did? I couldn’t help it! I sent the message myself through email communications telling our country’s national television about our snow-cold temperatures starting way back before Halloween Week. Still waiting for a response.

I’ll let you know how they reacted…if anyone does…


The RHLeague of Waskaganish has been under way for a while now. Just a few games before Xmas Break. Even though most teams have included new players on their rosters, there are two skaters missing from last years Finals. Eagles’ goalie Tyrone Moses has left town to stop pucks elsewhere (in North Bay his dad has told me) while last year’s Wolves’ Playoff MVR (Most Valuable Rat) Jacques A. Morin found another job closer to Montreal’s Bell Center. There was a rumor going around during last year’s hockey season that MVR had his own fan club who would come to the arena just to watch him put on an entertaining show. I suppose you had to be there to believe it so much that I started believing it myself. So those of you who have boycotted this season’s Wolves’ games, please come back…Dennis!! Speaking of putting on a show. Steve Stevens who has replaced Tyrone as the Eagles’ goalie has had at least 2 outstanding performances against who else but the Ratless Wolves.


Here’s a trivia for you readers. They all have the same answer.

What can you do with frozen water…even in November?

What can snow cover…even in November?

What can be done with a frozen abandoned lagoon…even in November?

When you wear skates…what are you skating on…even in November?


Something unusual happened the other night at the far end of the rink. It was during a Wednesday game versus the 1st place Lynx. I usually keep a water bottle on the top of my net. Most of my defencemen drink from it during stoppage of play. Once in a while refs come over to take a sip. I don’t mind. It happens on occasion that I cover the bottle with my goalie glove just before an opponent tries to grab it. In these cases, I hope they don’t mind that kind of a save. Sometimes though some of them sneak behind my jersey in order to satisfy their thirst hoping I won’t notice. Lots of them get away satisfied. So back to the game. It was just before a face off to my right. A Lynx player I won’t name was skating towards my net with his hand reaching forward. I thought he wanted my bottle as I was about to take it. Listen to this. He approaches, slides his finger on the crossbar and skates away not at all worried about the water. I look closely. What do I see? A piece of moist nasal mucus split in two hanging on to the bar as if he was going to aim for it on his next missed scoring chance. In other words, a hockey player’s booger!! I couldn’t believe my nose. The buzzer rang right after. Later on in the 3rd period I grinned as I saw the Lynx’s goalie put his glove on that same spot.


For those Leafs and Habs fans out here in the tundra hunting caribous, seems like Cujo’s replacement, ex-Hawk Eddy Belfour who was chosen as player of the week a few weeks back, is starting to win games for his team in front.

Can’t say the same for poor ol’Théo whose average hovers near four goals a game…for Cheechoo that would be the most amazing rookie start since 99…but for the 2002 Vezina & Hart trophee winner…I don’t know-how he will rebound from it. A millionaire goalie cannot afford to give away rebounds when trying to get his game back in shape. I reckon this situation couldn’t be better for Hackett. Who knows, he might win the honours in 2003 and keep the hopes alive for # 25-Merry Christmas!

Joyeuses Fêtes!

A ratless Wolves