The families of Maisy Odjick, 16, and Shannon Alexander, 17, have joined forces with the team from Search and Global One in an ongoing effort to recover clues to the teens’ whereabouts.

The girls, who are both from the Algonquin Kitigan Zibi reserve near Maniwaki, Quebec, disappeared last September 5. At the time, police listed the girls as runaways despite the fact that they disappeared without personal effects, such as their purses which contained their identification and money.

The search will resume on Saturday, May 2, within the Kitigan Zibi and Maniwaki. Food and drinks will be available for all volunteers.

Shannon Alexander is 5’9, has pierced ears and weighs about 145 pounds with brown eyes and short black hair.

Maisy Odjick is 5’9, has brown eyes and hair, and weighs 130 lbs. She has two piercing on her bottom lip and one on left nostril.

All those looking to volunteer can find more info at: